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Announcement: incentivized beta for Mellis, Themelio’s GUI wallet

Free MEL on our beta mainnet

Last week, we launched our public beta for Themelio’s graphical wallet, Mellis. Unlike previous tools like melwallet-cli, Mellis has a nice, snazzy desktop UI that should feel familiar to any user of wallets like MetaMask:

Overview and swapping

You can download Mellis, which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, from our GitHub page.

Our first MEL airdrop — and what to do with it

A wallet is pretty useless without anything in it. Thus, we are also launching a dead simple giveaway: join our Discord, post a wallet screenshot to #beta-testers, and get at least 1 MEL for free, no strings attached. We will also be launching more — and certainly more substantial — airdrops in the near future.

Even though the public token sale is still in the future, these MEL tokens are real, mainnet tokens on the beta mainnet that has been running for nearly a year. Other than the fun of getting your hands on the world’s first non-fiat stablecoin before 99% of the planet, there are already several things you can do with MEL:

  • Buying SYM: You can swap MEL for other tokens, like Themelio’s proof-of-stake token SYM, on Melswap, our built-in DEX. This is done through the “swap” page. In particular, before the public token sale this will be the only way to obtain mainnet SYM. (In fact, as of right now on-chain SYM is a very good deal, though prices will stabilize as on-chain liquidity increases)
  • Minting more: You can use your MEL to “seed” melminter, which will use proofs of sequential work to mint more and more MEL. It’s somewhat like bitcoin mining — though different in that Themelio is not a PoW chain, and minting is only used to drive a pegging mechanism.
Running melminter instance

This is just the beginning; as we get closer to our public launch, there will be more and more interesting things to do on our beta mainnet. For instance, we are nearing the first public release of Melodeon, our high-level covenant (i.e. “smart contract”) language — and we will certainly activate even more incentives to reward early adopters of Themelio’s new paradigm of on-chain programming.

For now, just download Mellis, join our Discord, and enjoy your free internet money!




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