A Letter to Listeners

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I am happy and ecstatic to share my long awaited desire and intent of inspiring people and making a difference in their lives through my new show, the Mug & Bucket podcast.

The Mug and Bucket podcast is about the unannounced moments that alter our life journeys. A sharp unseen turn, as some may call it, has the potential to change our perspective and give a new turn to our life.

Let me tell you the story of how this podcast came into existence. The seed was sown on the day when I experienced a water crisis for the first time in my life. “Unrealistic” as it may sound to many of those who were not so “water blessed”.

I was, however, experiencing a chaotic morning because of the same. From that very moment I pledged to be more aware of the amount of water, I use in my day to day activities. Two days had gone by and randomly a thought popped up. I sat endlessly recollecting similar moments, moments that bought a major change in me, only to believe that these moments could topsy-turvy anyone’s life and so, I ended up starting this podcast.

But what is in it for you?

This is a weekly podcast that documents inspirational tales of prominent personalities from arts, sports, politics and business settings and focuses on how they won their unannounced moments which triggered a change in them and made an impact. The objective of this podcast is to provide a weekly dose of inspiration to the listeners to act on their unannounced moments and hope to make a difference in the lives of people.

Lastly, In a quest to make this show worth your love and expectations, I am looking out for some known and some unknown faces locally or across India; who will inspire the listeners and give them a chance to re-live the experience of their Mug & Bucket moments. And so, I would be glad if you can join me in this quest of finding such personalities.

In case you know any of such personalities who have been doing a lot for the society and need to be heard, look no further. Please go ahead and fill this form to give your valuable recommendations which will be priceless to the listeners’ fraternity of The Mug and Bucket podcast

Thank you and lots of love!

Piyush Shinde
Founder and Host — The Mug and Bucket Podcast


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