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10 of the Best Stories I Read in the First 10 Days of 2022

Medium continues to be my best investment, of time and money, and here are 10 more reasons.


It’s almost 2022!

I think my brain still cannot process that as I continue to sometimes write 2021 when writing dates.

Let’s put that matter aside and see what are the some of the best articles I’ve read thus far on Medium. I’d also encourage you to share links of your favourite articles if you can in the comment section.

I read a wide variety of articles here on Medium and honestly saying, I find most of them pretty interesting and informative. So yes, well done algorithm, for recommendations!

That wide variety include fields like philosophy, science, writing, art and culture, sustainability, fashion, and many more. Here are some articles that I loved and by sharing hope that you’ll find them engaging too. Yes, everyone’s taste is different, nevertheless the range is pretty wide so, yes, go on!

1. Let’s Talk About Fashion: Sustainable by Sara Cansino

Sustainability being the issue of our generation, it’s more important than ever for all of us to know what it’s all about.

I especially loved this article because of its practical advice and tips for sustainable clothing and fashion. It also highlights some how some companies are taking efforts in making sustainability a part of fashion and apparel.

Most people, being consumers and participants in the world of fashion, can be part of the solution. Rethinking our way of consumption by intelligently purchasing our garments, making a habit of buying locally and consuming locally before consuming in renowned stores. (from the article)

2. 5 Reasons Why J. R. R. Tolkien’s Books Are Read Worldwide by Saanvi Thapar

Loved how beautifully the author presented and pointed out those 5 reasons. Apart from being a characteristic feature of Tolkien’s work, they’re also actionable advice that you can take to improve the quality of your writing and make it more interesting and engaging. Definitely a must read for anyone planning to write a novel (or is writing) or who writes long-form posts regularly.

Your first line should be shocking to make the reader pause and admire your handiwork. It should set the tone for the rest of your novel. Till the first chapter ends, leave enough loose ends but make the readers care about your character, so they readily flip on. (from the article)

3. Web3 crash course: The essentials by Taylor Green

With all the buzz and hype and attention things like Web3, NFTs, and cryptocurrency like Dogecoin, among many more are getting, it’s not a bad idea to atleast have a basic knowledge of all of them.

And this article is a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar with those stuffs. What made me love (and bookmark) this article is the fact that it also provides resources that you can consider for further reading.

What makes a blockchain so powerful are these key properties:

1. Decentralised — no government authority over transactions

2. Immutable — once the transaction is committed, it cannot be changed or altered

3. Open — anyone can view a transaction (from the article)

4. 5 Frightening Beautiful Paintings That Would Leave You Anxious by Kamna Kirti

The title aptly describes the content. It may make you anxious but all of the paintings have got meaning so deep that you’d definitely want to read this article.

Kamna is one of the best writers I know on Medium and her articles are densely informative. She also runs a Substack newsletter called ‘Pursuit’, so don’t forget to subscribe it here.

It is often seen in the art realm that famous artists had tried to quench their anxieties by portraying their monstrous, evil and dark aspects of life onto canvas. Be it, Vincent van Gogh, Francisco Goya or Edvard Munch. (from the article)

5. How Yoga Came Into My Life At Just The Right Moment by Sara Burdick

Yoga was one of those things I thought was overrated and hyped before I read this article. Now I know why people love it so much—experiencing peace, that connect with self, and a belief that everything’s going to be okay are not that easy in this hustling and bustling world.

Read this article if you also have some kind of preconceived notion about yoga and discover if it can help you.

I am not saying Yoga saved everything, but it sure as hell made it easier to deal with real-life situations. Sometimes I would cry on the way to the class about what was going on in my life and how I was going to get through this. (from the article)

6. I Started Writing Better When I Stopped Caring About Writing Better by Charlee Renee

Obsessing less over your writing is one of the most promising way to improve its quality. Let the writer unfold her story of how she did it and can you, too.

It’s not one of those articles which is filled with ‘writing advice’ cliché. Instead what it has to offer is a ‘not-so-sexy’ account of how you can genuinely hone your craft.

It wasn’t until recently though that I’ve really noticed a significant improvement in my writing. For a long time, I felt like I had plateaued. My work wasn’t getting better — sometimes it actually seemed like my skills were regressing. (from the article)

7. A Writer’s Toolbox According to Magnificent Writer Roxane Gay by Squeeze the Avocado

This article is a summary of a MasterClass by Roxane Gay. I loved this article not only because the advice is coming from a professional but also due to the easy and straightforward style of summarising it.

I learnt a couple of new things like ‘Rhetorical Triangle’ and ‘how and where to use humour,’ and I think you might, as well.

A brilliant opening line, or paragraph, has no rules. You do, however, know a lousy one! How? It doesn’t entice you to continue reading, does it? (from the article)

8. The Accidental Writer: How I Found My Voice after a Long Period Of Silence by Yana Bostongirl

A personal account. And I loved it so much.

How after coming out of an exhausting relationship did she found her voice? How putting pen to paper made her life a little easier? And how she wants to pay it forward? Read this one to find out.

I am an accidental writer. It wouldn’t have happened had intuition not overruled my introverted nature in seeking help from a support group after a tumultuous relationship nearly destroyed me.

I have learned so much about myself in the last 8 months of writing that it opened the door to forgiveness, self-compassion, and healing. It is not an exaggeration therefore when I say writing has become a catalyst for change in me. (from the article)

9. Is VR Safe for Kids? by Avi Bar-Zeev

With an exponential rise in the sectors of AR and VR lately, it’s becoming important to pay heed to its downside too. Try to mitigate the risks and harmful effects—especially on teenagers and pre-teens.

This article, written by a person who’s spent 30 years in this industry, goes in depth of potential risks of AR and VR and what actions we can take—parents, children and companies.

There was early blowback over Facebook’s decision to require Oculus VR users to link their social network accounts. I read multiple accounts of Quests being disabled as a result. And yet I’m not hearing much about any devices being disabled due to under-age violations. Why? (from the article)

10. I’ve just gotten into my dream college course. I want out. by Ashley

Sharing her personal experience, Ashley discusses what’s it’s like going through a period surrounded by imposter syndrome, how things you previously liked doing don’t attract your attention anymore.

She also writes in this article how to deal with this situation. It’s one of those writes that don’t exaggerate anything and put things as they are! One definitely worth reading.

The imposter syndrome is no joke. It can be very impactful and affects you negatively most of the time. If it motivates you to work harder and you like that, sure. If not, here are just some of the ideas that helped me (I’m still working on it). These changes may take place over some time before a significant impact takes place. As with anything, it all takes time. (from the article)

Hope some articles resonated with you and reading it was worth your time. Here’s my most popular article, ever. Read more by visiting my profile: VRITANT.

Until next time, bye and take care!




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