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Secret Sauce for Success on Any Platform—Grab This 3 C’s Formula

Don’t complicate things; boil it down to the basics. Here’s how.

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We all want to crack the code—on Medium, on Twitter, on the XYZ platform. Don’t we?

But we often complicate this process by reading too much meta.

Though researching a platform is definitely necessary ‘cause every platform is different from the other.

But more than often in this process, we forget the basics.

And that’s what we are going to revisit in this article.

Do you know that the success mantra for “making it” on any platform is hidden in the 3 C’s?

What are they, you may ask? Here you go.

1. Content

It’s a no-brainer. Quality content speaks for itself.

If people find value in your writing, they’ll come back again to read you. This also applies to other forms of content such as audio, video, or pictures.

Remember that people are paying you with their time. Don’t let them down.

2. Community

It’s famously said, “don’t write for everyone,” and for a good reason.

Writing to appeal to everyone is a piece of writing that appeals to no one.

Attract a tribe to whom you think you can cater well. To whom you can provide value.

Building a community is a very important step in this process. Because in the end, it’s them who make you feel heard.

And that’s important for our next point.

3. Consistency

No one likes to shout into the void. But they have to when they start.

And don’t they say that being consistent is the key?

But how can we do that for a long?

And that’s where we can use the collective power of community and consistency.

What do I mean exactly? Let me explain.

Community and consistency are interdependent, in most cases.

You create a community when you’re consistent at your game. And in turn, that community motivates you to keep posting regularly assuring that we’re here to read.

And to start this cycle, you need to put yourself out there. Share your words. Share your stories. Be authentic. And add value; they’re paying you with the currency called Time.

To Summarise (TL;DR)

Making it on any platform is not as tough as you think. It’s in fact easy, as long as you don’t try to complicate it.

Three C’s to keep in mind for success on any platform:

  • Content—there’s no substitute for quality content
  • Community—don’t keep shouting into the void; find your tribe and connect
  • Consistency—be consistent in creating content and keep adding value within your community.

I hope this was helpful. Let’s connect on Twitter.




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