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On a Tuesday morning, the unexpected to the American public occurred.

Today, I will be commenting on the attack from a Muslim point of view, but if you are clueless about it, and want to educate yourself about this very important topic, then I strongly suggest you go here:

It is important to educate ourselves on these topics because they shape history and future generations.

Now, As a Muslim, I would like to send my condolences to everyone affected, the victims, and their families, alive or dead, because the psychological and physical effects must have been extremely hard, and I cannot fathom the pain they have been going through, and may still be suffering from till today. My heart aches for all of them.

I’m not here to clear the name of Islam, because deep down many of us know it’s us humans who are imperfect. I’m here to revive the memory of that day in a way where we humans can view it as heartbreak, and every heartbreak gives us a lesson.

This is what happens when our ego and greed take over. When we think we know better and believe and make others believe that we’re good; that peace is never an option, that those lives we take or affect are nothing. They just viewed them as bodies, and not souls. They say they are Muslims, but tortured many, including women and children! How many fathers they killed that day? How many Sisters?, Mothers?, Brothers? Souls?!

And not to mention the emotional psychological effect of the survivors as well as those who sacrificed their lives to protect others that day! As a Muslim, I stand against those who do injustice even in my own community, ALLAH says:

Today, I’m speaking against a part of my community that I’m utterly ashamed of. A part that stained the Muslim community, a part that claims they are doing what’s right for humanity in terms of obeying god. They don’t even deserve to be mentioned.

Just like how we stood up to the Christchurch attack, today we stand against the Muslim terrorist group that killed, injured, and traumatized many.

To all those mourning for their loved ones, know my heart is there with you today, and I hope the best for everyone. As a human, I shall not know how to hate but know how to love, accept and tolerate.

Thank you.

“The only way to defeat the evil in this world….is to add more goodness to it, not try to change or prevent evil because it is going to happen anyways”




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