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Am I A Threat? (1)

We all go through different situations where people are unfair and they snatch our rights just like that as if they are snatching an ice cream from a child and it is not cool in any way shape or form. People speak about being different is to be unique. If that’s the case, why not respect those differences no matter how they’re different than you.

Let’s take my case, for example, I’m Muslim and if you hate Muslims then I’m sorry for you. I, as a Muslim, have many responsibilities I need to be careful about, and don’t worry it’s not killing or bombing anything. Instead, It’s maintaining peace!. If you never knew that, then you better know that we Muslims have many regulations in order to not cause destruction and before you hit me the sharia law and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) accusations, check this out:

Now, If you do not know what the word ‘Jihad’ is, Jihad literally comes from the Arabic word to ‘Strive’, and when you put it in the Islamic concept it is ‘Striving in the way of ALLAH’ meaning striving for our god. And people nowadays will just copy what is on media and not even study the history of Islam properly and just decide to wage war knowing barely anything!. In the quote above, Our prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is teaching us that The greatest battle, The greatest struggle, The greatest path of bravery is within. It is right in our souls. This hits me so hard and it is one of my favorites because the whole problem is the heart. Our dear Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) also says:

So in Islam, We have to have that constant battle within us, or else darkness shall arise. That may be the case for those Muslims that misrepresent us Muslims as a whole where the action of 1 is blamed on the whole community and that is not right. Believe me, If people would reflect on themselves every day and try and purify their hearts and intentions, would there be what you see today? The answer is no because if everybody was working on themselves no one would have the time to hate but as you know or just in case you didn’t know ALLAH (God) told us that our life here is temporary, where you walk through one door that’s this life and get out of the other which is the hereafter. This life in our understanding is a test so whatever you see in this world shouldn’t be blamed on god because it’s from our own doing.

end of part (1)………….

(I love talking about our differences and I started with myself and I will soon expand into other people’s differences but with my Islamic viewpoint and perspective. I don’t want people to have that scary mindset of this amazing religion and so would love if you join me on my journey!.)

(have any doubts or problems? Just comment your questions!)



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-Being a Muslim in today’s society -reflecting on ourselves -Islam means peace