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Stacy Walsh
Oct 1, 2019 · 2 min read
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Table of Contents

  1. What are you looking for?
  2. Submission Guidelines
  3. Becoming an & then write Writer
  4. Submitting Work

What Are You Looking For?

& then write is a community for writers to gather, share, support, inspire & motivate one another.

We’re interested in featuring a variety of voices that explore:

-Works that inspire, motivate and examine what it means to be a writer

-Origin stories

-Interviews with other writers

-Reflective pieces on writing that’s changed your life.

& then write is less about the technical aspects of writing, and centered more on stories around writing.

Submission Guidelines

Please note that submissions will be rejected if there are any violations to the rules below:

  1. Work previously published on Medium will not be accepted. Work previously published outside of Medium may be submitted as an unpublished draft for consideration (please note where the piece was previously published).
  2. Please make sure your work adheres to Medium’s Rules and their Ad-Free Policy. If you are part of Medium’s Partner Program (strongly recommended), submissions must also adhere to their Curation Guidelines and Content Guidelines.
  3. Any submissions that are self-promotional or contain links to sell products, services, etc. will be rejected.
  4. Please do not submit fiction or poetry (monthly prompts / challenges are the exception when applicable). See preferred non-fiction content, above.
  5. All submissions must be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Please take the time to edit your work before submitting.
  6. You retain all rights to your work and can remove it from the & then write publication at will — though you may risk forfeiting future ability to submit to & then write.

Becoming an & then write Writer

  1. You must have a Medium username to write for & then write.
  2. To be added as a potential & then write writer, please email andthenwrite@gmail.com. Include your Medium username and links to any recent work outside of Medium (if applicable). Please note that a request does not equate to an automatic add as a writer. Also note: you will be added to the & then write newsletter for future updates. New writers are added manually — this takes time. Thank you in advance for your patience. By adding your name you agree to comply with all submission guidelines, above. Failure to comply will result in the removal of your username as a writer for & then write.

Submitting Work

Welcome aboard! It’s time to start submitting your work.

Once you’ve been accepted / added as a writer for & then write, you can submit unpublished drafts to be considered for publication.

Unsure how to do this? See this post in the Medium Help Center for step-by-step instructions on how to add your draft for consideration.

& then write

A community for writers to gather, share, support, inspire & motivate one another.

Stacy Walsh

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Writer | Editor | Teacher | Lover of yarn — and host of the & then write podcast: andthenwrite.com

& then write

A community for writers to gather, share, support, inspire & motivate one another.

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