For The Love of Money

When talking about characteristics of the ideal man for most women, I am used to hearing the usual God-fearing, hardworking, good looking and ‘must respect me’ lines. As a matter of fact, I believed I could predict the top 5 choices on any woman’s list when asked the traits their ideal man would possess. Most women are aware that these are not set characteristics, and there is room for adjustment, I mean if he is short but his wallet is tall then maybe you could consider him or if he’s wallet is short but he is hardworking then there is a chance of him getting into money in future.

While having a conversation on the ideal man’s characteristics with a group of young ladies, one of them unapologetically said ‘I must marry into money, no buts and no adjustments, if he doesn’t have a proper bank account that can give me the life I want then I will not consider him.’ And she went on to explain the benefits on marrying into money, how she wants a better life than what she was already used to and how her elder sister got married for love which gave her four children with the headache of constantly looking for school fees and her aunty who married for money giving her the best life in the world, travelling from Europe to Asia, visiting her children in America even though she is the 3rd wife of the very prominent and rich man.

I had no clue what to say in the defence of the upcoming rich men out there but could only wonder why she had such strong beliefs. She wasn’t exactly a girl from a ‘humble’ background; she went to the top schools in the country, has a good job and happens to drive one of the best cars in town. It appears that she’s not the only one that feels that way because when I decided to ask around about the reasons behind marrying a rich man, I got responses like you never have to worry about his finances, you could wine and dine in the best places, rich men know how to spoil their women and finally your future is secure. This is actually very important to some ladies that they hang out in places where rich men (either by hard work or inheritance) can be found.

So my questions are: Ladies, is the status of a man’s bank account a defining criteria before you even consider dating him? Must he be able to buy you all the good things in life? And Guys, have you ever been turned down, based on the fact that you may not be rich enough to take care of her? Use the comment box below and let’s talk about it.

Written by Sheila