Opposites Attract NOT

Today, I’ll try to take on an age old theory/law, which even has roots in science and most religions. This law of attraction which simply states: Opposites attract. Ok, let me just quickly state here that I’m not about to bust a law that’s way older than I am. Hells nah.. I’m only going to take on one bit of it and this is the relationship aspect. Now, contrary to what this law states, I believe to co-exist, be it in a simple relationship, or a marriage, the two parties involved need to find common grounds on certain aspects. Let’s take a look at some:


There are so many angles to this. You can have the mismatch of the home cooking queen and the fast food king, the healthy eater and the not-so-healthy eater.e.t.c. No matter how you look at it, it’s a very vital point, which if not properly addressed before hand can easily drive the couple to splitsville.

Keeping up with the exes

There’s no wrong or right here. It’s just totally up to every individual to take a position. Personally, I have no issues staying friends with my exes (except things ended with her chasing me around with an axe). I just believe once that feeling goes away, it’s gone and it’s actually when you try running away from the truth that you get in trouble. Now imagine me getting with someone who absolutely can’t imagine why anyone should still have an exes number on their phone, or have them on their blackberry list etc. *Insert more chaos*

Personal hygiene

Let’s come out and say it how it is. Some people are just down-right duuurrrrty. Like they really don’t mind leaving used dishes in their kitchen for a couple of days. Heck, some even throw used condoms underneath their beds and some ladies.. just cause it’s a black bra, they wear that ish like it’s a birthmark. Some will not have issues with this but if you’re a born neat-freak like me (yes, I’m in rehab) it just won’t work.


In my short stay on this planet, I’ve come across all kinds of people and some of them, well, the best way to describe them is what they are — nymphos — yes, they exist. I’m talking about people who can hardly do one day without having sex. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Now imagine someone like this, a dude perhaps, ending up with a total prude for a girlfriend or worse off, a wife. *Insert chaos* It’s one of two things, it’s either the person with the lower libido compromises to having more sex or the person with the higher, compromises to having less. Doesn’t it already sound complicated?

Extended family/Children

This bit will probably come into play for the very serious relationships and it is VERY important for your views to either agree completely or at least be close here. Personally, I don’t believe everyone should have kids (I’m sorry) But seriously though, not every couple is capable of raising kids. If one member of the team realizes this early on and ends up with someone with an opposing opinion, this will never go down well. Same thing goes for involvement of families in relationships.

I left out the “seemingly” obvious points like religion, money etc. well, cause those might not necessarily come into play for the “not-so-serious relationships” (I think).. Anyways, that’s my bit. I’m sure I missed out things you can help point out or you could share your thoughts on the points I raised. Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

Written by Thetoolsman