Who Would You Like To Perform At Your Wedding? Here’s Our Top 5!

Today I’m going to play wedding planner. For those of you who have somehow scaled the pain that is dating and gotten to the point where you’re ready to say “I do” One of the pertinent questions that you will have to agree with your spouse is “Who is going to play at our wedding?”

As a Nigerian, your options are tied to your pocket.

If you’re a big boy and you have millions of Naira to toss about, you could mess around and get one of our top local acts, but if you’re like Terdoh and you’re saving up to buy new socks then, you could just ask one of your guys to download that recent playlist and jam it from his laptop.

Anyway, here are your options:

  • Wizkid: The pakurumo crooner is your best bet if you want to get the mummies and daddies jamming. For some reason, they seem to have taken a liking to him and his style of music. It doesn’t matter that they hardly know what he’s saying, once weezy gets on that stage, he’s sure to shut it down. Now the thing is, Wiz is quite expensive though. I hear you need to be able to cough out between N3 — N10 million depending on who you are. Good thing about Wizkid though is that he has lots of songs to pick from to serenade your guests. Not a bad choice if you ask me.
  • Davido: You can’t deny the fact that there’s something about the ‘Aye’ song. Whether you’re dancing in to it or it’s the song you rock to while cash falls upon you, Davido as your guest artiste will bring the house down. Ignore his lemon plus voice, he has proven to be quite the act. Have you experienced his energy? Davido is the type of guy that will tear up the roof even though it’s on fire. And his crew of yellow boys and fat albert also bring some shine to it. Budget: N2 — N7 million.
  • Flavor: My igbo brothers don’t even sleep on this guy. Just call Flavor’s manager and you will hear that he has been booked every weekend till the end of the year. You know they don’t play with that “Ada Ada” song. If you’re planning to get married to an igbo babe, you have to make her believe that you intend to bring Flavor (even though you know he’s not available). This will deepen her love for you and when you break the news that he’s not available, you can then proceed to get Chief Akachukwu and his highlife band as replacement. Budget: N3 — N7 million
  • Darey: I know you tried to contact John Legend and Ed Sheeran but MTN network was being a bitch. Not to worry, you can go for our local Soul serenader — Darey. Darey might not be prominent with releasing music but he sure can add that cool R & B feel to your event. There are others in this same category like Praiz. Budget: N1- N3 million
  • Olamide/Reminsce/Phyno & co: Let’s just agree that you’re having a complete party not a soulful performance. If you get any of these guys, you better sell tickets to the general public as they will turn your wedding to a street carnival. Not my advice though but there’s no rule against such turn up. Imagine your wife bursting the latest shoki, you’ll like that huh? Not sure how you’ll feel when she begins to twerk on Reminsce while he proceeds to tesoju your wife. HAHA. Budget: N3 — N5 million

There are the other nice guys like Tiwa Savage and the Mavins. I mean Korede Bello’s “Godwin” isn’t a bad song to jam to and they aren’t as expensive as the other big wigs. In all though, cut your coat according to your cloth. Please if you can’t get them live, you can get a very good live band or like I said earlier, just ask Terdoh to link you with his bootleg DJ friends.

Who would you love to play at your wedding though? Please no International acts and why?

Oh before I forget, I do a great lip-syncing to all these guys. Please don’t hesitate to holler. My price? N1million.

Written by Sirkastiq