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Oct 28, 2016 · 5 min read

A lot has happened in October. Stories were told, words were written and milestones were crossed. After taking some time to appreciate the work, it’s safe to say the results were worth it and we couldn’t be happier to continue on this month with the same spirit at Misplaced Identity.

November is a special time for writers for a number of reasons. One thing for sure being the month where we come around and participate in a month-long marathon to complete a short novel, pegged at 50,000 words to be extended at the writer’s own will.

Do we have a special place for writers willing to share their wrimo experience? Well, of course. But we also want to point out that it’s best to follow up on the official NaNoWriMo publication here on Medium, by Julie Russell and Shawn White.

Since NaNoWriMo is a collective effort, it’s best shared in one place where you can all document the experience and all the essential things required for the month. I’d be up for it as well, but I’m still not sure what I’ll be writing.

Back to Misplaced Identity, we’ll continue sharing the pieces that will be submitted to the publication, but in the mean time let me take some time to share some of the news and updates we’ve had on the pub in October.

For the big news, we reached 1K followers in October. Since the publication was opened, the promise was always to deliver the best we can and we’re proud to have more readers exposed to the works that the writers put out there.

This milestone means a lot, and we’re excited to see what else there is in the coming months and weeks. Like I mentioned in the post celebrating this, we couldn’t be happier to hit this milestone since it also means a number of people will get the chance to share and reach out to this wonderful audience.

In celebration of that, we also have a number pieces written in the month of October that you may want to check out below.

If I Could Live On Paper

By Renée S

Just Being

By Don Dennis


By Markus Russin

Standoff In Friendville

By Heath Houston

Aves, not mammals

By Namarita Kathait

Perfect Humans

By Michael Holuj

Uninstalling Relationships, Parenting In The Digital Age

By Erika Sauter


By Amer Almadani

Be Aware

By Lakshmi Narayanan L

The Birthday Story

By Todd Herskovitz

The Day I Became A Thief

By Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

Review: Girl Waits The Gun

By Eric Beversluis

Good Night

By Vikrant Hatwalne

Nonsensical Dreams Of A Wondering Mind

By Jon Jackson

Tonight’s Forecast… Brainstorm

By Kristofer Mc Cormack

In October, we also launched a lune prompt for every Friday. The theme usually runs on the personal side of the human experience, but in special cases we have a dedication for what’s happening around the time. It’s an interesting way of looking at the raw nature of connection and I believe poetry does this so eloquently.

We have a new account for this as well. You can follow Friday Lune Prompts here for maybe a handover in the near future (say hi and tell her I sent you, just kidding).

Check back every Friday to join, or whenever the post pops in your feed. You can make a direct reply there.

New Writers!

We’d like to extend our welcome to the new folks who have joined us in the past month. Our publishing schedule is not yet fixed, and newer posts are edited around the time they are submitted, if not a little later. This will change soon, but you’ll be informed whenever there is some changes. To the new writers, again, you’re most welcome.

Q.E. Morales

Kristofer Mc Cormack

Ernio Hernandez

Faces Down Series by Ernio.

We’ve had the privilege to host the Faces Down project by Ernio. Think of it as the wall of faces in Game Of Thrones, only these aren’t actually dead people. If you have any interest on illustrated works, complete with a little backstory, be sure to check out this series on the tab that sits on top of the pub.

Here’s one you might want to check out.

Be sure to drop by to check out more stories coming out this November, or better yet, submit your own if you wish to share. We are still an upcoming community promoting from fiction, non-fiction and poetry and we can’t be more happier to have more writers and readers joining in.

Thank you.

The New North

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The New North

// Home of storytellers // Facebook: @thenewnorth

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