I feel your pain, sweetheart | Credit: Alpha Coders


She’s on the brink,
But you’re too caught up
In your Instagram likes to care;
She’s crying for help
In your earphones,
But you can’t seem to hear;
If she slashed her wrists,
You’d slickly sidestep
The pool of blood
Like a puddle on a rainy day;
If she hanged herself,
You’d mistake her dangling corpse
For mistletoe and kiss under it;
You catch a glimpse
Of her dropping body
Outside your window,
But assume it’s a falling star — 
In a way you’re right;
You attend her funeral
Through Skype or Facetime,
Express fake grief
With hollow tweets
And sad-faced emojis;
She’s not yet in the ground,
But you’ve already moved on
To the next trending topic.