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Bull Charge

Zack Chapepa
Nov 7, 2018 · 3 min read

“Hey! what do we have here? I said what do we have here? Juno, do you see what I see?”

“Very much, senōr.”

“They disrespect me coming here with their shoes, but not only that their sleeves are wrapped all the way la muñeca!”

“Si, senōr.”

Two men knelt in the courtyard. Lights beamed on their faces from two cars parked in an arc around them. The young foreigners looked like bankers, or white collar workers. It was strange, the sight of them, in the middle of a beat up compound with old semi-baroque style buildings and a bunch of dogs wandering about, barking and loitering. In the house you could hear the sound of children crying and some shouting going on. In the background, some samba music playing at a low volume.

A man stepped forward with a trimmed beard and a scar running from his cheekbone to the lobe of his right ear. “We found them tampering around with some papers senōr. We suspect some American Intelligence. The one with the red hair asked for a cellphone along the way, but we did not give him anything.”

Trevor walked in front of the two in silence and crouched next to the one with red hair. “You want a cellphone? Call Mommie?” There was a pause. He reached for the phone from Juno and crouched back down. It was an old Ericsson that looked like a phone from the 80s, the brick types. The dude just looked at Trevor as if he was asking what he would do with that. “You want a phone? Here you go.”

He was about to reach for it before a gun went off and the guy beside him dropped to the ground with a thud. He was dead. The guy with the red hair was stunned, eyes convulsed and his breathing stopping for a minute. He could see the trail of blood flowing from the side of his colleague and tears soon trailed on his cheeks. Trevor stood up and handed the phone to Juno. “Give him the phone and call. Find out who he talks to and soon as you do, kill him or let me know if he’s valuable to keep.”

“Si, senōr.”

Trevor walked from the compound, cleaning the blood from his shirt. He walked to the house with a steady gait. When he got inside, his wife was seated next to her children, and she was feeding the youngest on her lap. The moment she saw him, a smile appeared on his face and hers. “My love, where have you been?”

“I’ve been running around Costa Verde and no one, I mean no one, wanted to give me time to myself.”

“You are a very powerful man Trevor, everyone wants to be around you.”

“They bother me my love. Sometimes a man wants a little time to himself. To be home to see his love and his children.”

“You worry too much, Trevor, I prepared Enchiladas in the kitchen.”

“My favorite.”

As he waltzed to the kitchen, the voice of his wife, Caterina, was speaking over the vocals of the samba singer. “I talked to Mario this afternoon. He said he was coming with Alpachie. They have news to share in the town. I also heard the senior general needs to see you tomorrow.”

Trevor was dishing Enchilada at this point, but he stopped and started walking to the dinning room. A thumb was stuck to his mouth and he only said one word “What?”

“The general needs to see you tomorrow. He was talking about a meeting, I don’t know.”

“My love,” he said, with a brief moment of pause. “I have to leave tomorrow.”

“Ladies and gentlemen I want to welcome you to this meeting, and all our valued guests, welcome. I know you have traveled far from different parts of the world. What I want to say here, however, is going to change the way we conducted business in the country. A new dawn is upon us and I cannot for one wait to share with you this vast opportunity to expand our horizon. More or less, I want to say that,” The General looked at Trevor before continuing. “The legalization of weed and certainly, a few other drugs have called for a new gold rush and we intend to take the market by an iron fist!”

The New North

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Zack Chapepa

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