Gloom / Glad

Juan Carlo Rodríguez
Oct 22 · 2 min read


I sip a warm beer,

warm as coffee,

but I feel cold inside, so that’s ok.

I see the smiles I sell

for a buck a pound,

and I feel like a swindler,

peddling something

I don’t believe in.

I see a storm coming

while it’s sunny outside.

I tell myself days like these

are few and far between

but they’re like rotten apples

in the barrels I open every day.

I tell myself

that the sun always comes out

in the end,

even on days it’s more clouds than sky.

I quote Three Days Grace and remember:

It’s not too late. It’s never too late.


A warm shower on a cold day.

A cool bath on a hot day.

A smile, a nod, a bark.

Your favorite song coming on.

When your thoughts wander off

onto uncharted waters.

The song of a mockingbird

beckoning love to walk right in.

The laughter of a child well-loved, well-fed, well-lived.

A change of plans for the better.

A plan to make things better.

The sound of rain, outside,

over the gentle smell of hot coffee.

A perfect, starry sky.

A perfect, sunny sky.

Her head, perfectly on your shoulders.

His arms, perfectly around you.

To remember that great happiness

hides in the smallest places.

The New North

// Home of storytellers // Facebook: @thenewnorth

Juan Carlo Rodríguez

Written by

Periodista venezolano. Lucho por encontrar equilibrio en un mundo desequilibrado. / Venezuelan journalist, struggling to find balance in an unbalanced world.

The New North

// Home of storytellers // Facebook: @thenewnorth

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