May Stories

Zack Chapepa
Jun 4, 2017 · 2 min read

Dear Readers,

For some strange reason May flew past waaay too fast. Too fast I didn’t notice until it was right at the end of the month and the only thing that was on the news was some strange word called covfefe (good luck finding it in the dictionary) and the Paris agreement.

Thankfully, none of this stopped the wonderful writers to tide us over with their fascinating works of fiction and captivating verses of poetry. Feel free to dive into any of these writings below and brace yourselves because I hope you’re prepared for some reading. And oh, there’s some new writers to check out, say hi and help me give them a warm welcome. Enter May’s collection of writings!

One-Sided Marriage

(Story by Alexandro Chen)


The optimum resort

(Stories by Mike Essig, Tyrone Graham)

The Disciples of Hephaestus

I Saw That Too. Today, I Saw It All.

(Stories by Sowmya, Sam Archer)


Counting days

(Stories by Fierce Force, Yamini Acharya)

A Child Alone

New Document

(Stories by Kevin Saitta, Ross J. Edwards)

A simple twist of fate

If Only Our Dreams

(Stories by Kristin, Pua Nani)


Angels In The Snow

(Stories by Cadaver, Jon E. H. Burton)

i consume your love

All I want for Christmas is.. Me

(Stories by Julie Ann, William Welch)

Dear Mr Mind

To fi

(Stories by Amit Gawande, Dewi)

Let’s celebrate the fun of indecision

Has It Passed?

(Stories by Rosie Leizrowice, Jon Jackson)

Mosquito on Our Pond

Sickness & Health

(Stories by Immanuel R. Knight, Stephen M. Tomic)

The Queen

The Trials of Redemption

(Stories by Gaetano M., Kristofer Mac Cormaic)


The Price of Poetry

(Stories by Dan Belmont, Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle)


A Mizzle

(Stories by Markus Russin, Paul Brookes)

The New North

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The New North

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