My Youth Template

photo by paul brookes

Like Actuallylife

Actuallyborn to this actualworld

this actuallyearth I actuallylearn

in school, actuallymeet a lass

who says she is actuallyready

to be actuallywed, so we actuallymarry

after three months of actualcourting.

She actuallybears our first kid

after six months whilst I actuallywork

in actualemplyment actuallyexpected

actualpromotion to actualmanager

so we actuallybuy our first actualhome,

actuallyfurnitured it, after actualdecorating.

I have an actualallottment where I actuallygrow

actualcarrots, potatoes and cabbages.

She actuallydies after seven years actualfighting

lung cancer. I never actuallyremarry.

Actuallybring up our second child,

acuallytell her smart stories of our actuallives.

The Likelife

Likeborn to this likeworld

this likeearth I likelearned

in school, meet a lass

who says she is likeready

to be likewed, so we likemarry

after three months of likecourting.

She likebears our first kid

after six months whilst I likewirk

in likeemployment likeexpected

likepromoted to likemanager

so we likenuy our first likehome,

likefurniture it, after likedecorating.

I have an likeallottment where I likegrow

carrots and potatoes and cabbages.

She likedirs after seven years likefighting

lung cancer. I never likeremarry

likebring up our second child,

Liketell her likestories of our likelives

A Randomlife

Randomborn this randomworld

this randomearth I randomlearned

in school, meet a lass

who said she was randomready

to be randomwed, so we randommarry

after three months randomcourting.

She randombore our first kid

after six months whilst I randomworked

In randomemployment randomexpected

randompromoted to randommanager

so we randombought our first randomhome,

randomfirnitures it, after randomdecorating.

I have an randomallottment where I randomgrow

carrots and potatoes and cabbages.

She randomdiedsafter seven years randomfighting

lung cancer. I never randomremarry

Randombring up our second child,

Randomtell her randomstories of our randomlives

A Proper life

Properborn to this properworld

this properearyh I properlearn

in properschool, meet a properlass

who says she is properready

to be properwed, so we propermarry

after three months of propercourting.

She properbears our first kid

after six months whilst properwork

in properemployment properexpect

properpromoted to propermanager

so we properbuy our first properhome,

properfurniture it, after properdecorating.

I have an properallottment where I propergrow

carrots and potatoes and cabbages.

She properdies after seven years properfighting

lung cancer. I never properremarry

properbring up our second child,

propertell her properstories of our properlives

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