Omnipresent Jew Hate

Anti-Semitism and Identity Politics from the Left and Right

People still ask, all these years later, how ignorance perpetuates in society, how anti-Semitism has stood the test of time — showing the same resilience as the Jews themselves — the hatred of Jews and the fight against that hate, have withstood that test.

Anti-Semitism has been masked in the facade of righteousness for millennia – promulgated perpetually by propagandistic demagogues — politicking hate – demonization of the Chosen Ones — from all directions — a sad historical veracity.

Karl Marx, in his bull’s-eye metaphor, delineates that religion is the opiate of the people — I would add ignorance, fear and hate to his conclusion — countless words and minds have debated this before and after Marx — anti-Semitsm is the theology of greivance — the addict is blinded to logic and empathy in pursuit of a fix — so to are the pious — alternative facts and fake news are the Neo-Fascist hit — propaganda circa 2018.

Analogous historical fake news, alternative fact, propaganda proliferation is illustrated by late 19th/early 20th Century Russia – the Protocols of the Elders of Zion from Tsarist Russia (a conspiracy of global Jew domination — still alive today) the Bolsheviks used it too.

Trotsky an original revolutionary – a Jew himself – he was prescient in his knowledge of anti-Semitism: Decaying capitalism has everywhere swung over to an exacerbated nationalism, one part of which is anti-semitism. The Jewish question has loomed largest in the most highly developed capitalist country of Europe, in Germany. Of course Jews can be anti-Semitic too – Jared, Ivanka and Netanyahu are prime examples — the Revolution was rife with Jew hate though it was clamped down upon at times – it was endemic and Stalin would continue its course before and after Trotsky’s assassination in Mexico.

Forced isolation, pogroms — the creation of the Pale of Settlement – Native Americans were driven from their land as part of the American Genocide — so too was European Jewry — Hitler would tout his admiration for American savagery and use the American ideology as a model for the Holocaust. Specifically, the application of Lebensraum – colonization of Eastern Europe – Concentration Camps and in Nuremberg where the Nazis emulated America’s codified hate.

Putin continues the Russian demagogic history of this specific hate — recently invoking the same vile ideology as the Elders of Zion conspiracy — his Russia disseminates this hate in a modern day fascist state— Trump did so too just before the Election in 2016 and his brand of American authoritarianism is quickly emulating the Russian descent into fascism.

Anti-Semitism still and always a societal cancer — metastatic — spreading — here and there and everywhere.

They will hate Jews in a car or at the bar — on a tree as they watch TV — while they sleep, quite as a mouse — visions of murder in their fever dreams — screams of fear, music to each ear — they will hate Jews in a store or on a tour — they will hate them eating coffee flavored toffee and drinking toffee flavored coffee — they will hate them while they’re walking, talking and even while lambasting a failed stalking — always ready to shout about the hate that embeds in their vile heads — it isn’t hard to see — they hate all that don’t conform to their sick ideology — perpetually labled for scorn and sick, nefarious gore just because of demagogic allure — hating more and more and more — it won’t ever stop until sanity is reality dispelling conspiracy — and the human addiction to ignorance, hate and greed isn’t an all encompassing need.

The Daily Banter is dead on:

If it seems strange to you that in the midst of Trump screaming about dangerous immigrants and Muslim terrorists, anti-Semitism is taking root with terrifying speed, you don’t understand the mind of a Jew-hating white nationalist. There’s a special place in the black void that passes for their heart for us. While brown and yellow skinned people are offensive to them, the true threat is and always has been the Jews. We provide the money for black people to move into your white neighborhoods and rape your white women. We keep the borders open so Latinos can swarm into America and steal the jobs that belong to white people. We turn your movies and TV into pro-Jew propaganda. We control the banks and foreclose on your white homes to destroy your white communities. We’re the masterminds of everything that’s wrong with the world today.

Far-Right ideology is tribalism — no matter the belief, the fascist devout follow the same evil path to righteousness — demonization followed by extermination of the Other. Be it religious extremism, nationalism, nativism, ethnocentrism or any combination of — it’s all about conformity via tyranny by way of destruction of autonomy — indeed, the Far-Right has never been coy about its demons — Nazism’s entire ideological purpose was Jew annihilation — the Alt-Right and its Hipster Neo-Hitlers lustfully display this evil.

Progressives on the other hand — the left one as it were — don’t emanate their disdain as gloriously — they cloak it in competition — Neo-Liberalism — identity politics and the fusion of the criticism of Israeli government policy (deserved criticism) often used by Far-Right groups from ISIS to the KKK and back across the pond to any of a number of European Fascist movements — leftist politics often use the same tactic — this combines with base anti-Semitism — and suddenly every Jew is Israeli and criticism of Israel and Zionism is used as a dog whiste.

Anti-Semitism aids in illustrating the irrationality of Neo-Liberal identity politics — as the purported group deemed historically most oppressed, cannot be oppressive — of course only Jews are thought of as both — on team most oppressive and team most oppressed. Israel and to a greater extent, historical anti-Semitism, in general, are both responsible for this incongruity but it is also helpful in pointing out the idiocy of the ideology.

I am an atheist, however I too have been the victim of oppression because of my Jewish heritage— this oppression omnipresent — an anti-Semitic creation — stoked by modern identity politics — Neo-Liberalism and its illiberal compadre — Neo-Fascism.

As in fascism, autonomy is not revered but repressed — true Neo-Liberal dogma celebrates difference by accentuating identity but at the same time it labels the individual as part of a specific group and the individual cannot inherently understand the reality of living in someone else’s skin — and shouldn’t even try.

This decision isn’t made by the individual but by the ideology. Cultural appropriation is deemed racist and the most oppressed group is deemed sacrosanct which leads to a competition for which group has been most oppressed and most demonized, while ignoring mass inequality — ultimately, it’s all about specific, indoctrinated, societal identity, not economic equality.

Neo-Liberalism isn’t democracy — it’s capitalism driven insane — the commodification of identity and when left unmedicated, this liberal tribalism will lead to fascism — it’s only a matter of time.

The progressive rhetoric is inclusiveness, the progressive rhetoric is also damning — liberal America bears a responsibility for the rise of Neo-Fascism — it’s cloaked speech and celebrity worship seeded society for this — it seeded society for hate, or at least the omission of empathy. For all the high minded attacks on the Far-Right, liberals have essentially thrown the poor and the undocumented under the Fascist Bus.

The obvious example of this is DACA — Obama’s Executive Order, protecting the undocumented children of individuals entering the United States illegally — essentially a codification of the inverse of the sins of the father philosophy — this is just — however, it is ultimately unjust.It provides no protection for the parents of the so called dreamers — only the undocumented that will aid capitalism are protected — those that don’t qualify are expendable and not worthy of entrance into society — they are castigated — literally, otherized in an EO. In this careful and insidious use of Newspeak — dreamers are labeled and thus, Neo-Liberally grouped — the American Dream in action, while the others are refuse.

Gideon Rachman writing in The Financial Times elaborates on this:

The far-left and the far-right like to think of themselves as bitter enemies. But they have similarities that can make them breeding grounds for anti-Semitism. The link is their fondness for identity politics. Some on the far-right refer to themselves as “identitarians” and believe that they are fighting for white culture against Islam. The far-left also instinctively think in terms of communities, with their own spokesmen and lists of grievances. Identity politics is fundamentally illiberal because it imposes a group identity on individuals. Like most people I know, I have a composite identity. I am Jewish. I am also British, a Londoner, a journalist and a history graduate. I am married to a non-Jew who shares my indifference to religion. In a liberal society, it should be up to individuals to shape their own identities, which can shift over time. Privileging community over individual identity is not only illiberal, it is also dangerous.

Furthering the disaster of modern Jew hate — Israel as a State and the individual autonomous Jew become anti-Semitic lightening rods. Do all Americans agree with all of Trump’s policies? Asserting that a Jew from NY agrees with all Israeli policy is an even greater logical fallacy — news flash not all Israelis are Jews — that actual Israeli government policy — Bibi’s policy — he, as an aside, one of Trump’s most loyal followers, has morphed Zionism into racism — from this fascist movement an actual Wall has sprung.

At its core — anti-Semitism — to use the dog whistle du jour — globalist — is a belief in an insidious, all powerful, worldwide cabal, controlling all societal machinations — an omnipresent scapegoat — the bogeyman hiding in the closet of noble, White, Christian Volk — demonized as part of the Myth of the Resurrection — the dehumanizing rhetoric continues to today — throughout history — deluded, sanguine thoughts of the Vampiric Other — drinking the blood of innocent, Christian children — in the Middle Ages Jews were believed to be the Devil — literally and figuratively.

Trotsky writing in 1937 illustrates exactly what globalist insinuates: An important part of the Jewish petty bourgeoisie has been absorbed by the formidable apparatuses of the state, industry, commerce, the cooperatives, etc., above all in their lower and middle layers. This fact engenders an anti-semitic state of feeling and the leaders manipulate it with a cunning skill in order to canalize and to direct especially against the Jews the existing discontent against the bureaucracy.

  • Identity Politics — Leftist Tribalism — Progressive Anti-Semitism — Liberal Hate

Tribalism — the unconscious mindset of humanity — the nebulous need to be part of and thus to exclude — this is defending the exclusion of every single human that does not conform or ever did not — to every bigoted aspect of what that means — this is racism — this is xenophobia— the true failing of society — without a knowledge of the hate that is more a part of the history of humanity — sociologically, historically, biologically — than anything else — and the realization that humans are the most brutal, evil animal ever to evolve — humans can never evolve.

I want to make the distinction that while anti-Semitism is something that impacts Jewish Americans, it’s different than anti-black racism or Islamophobia because it’s not systemic … Of course, you may experience vandalism or an attack on a synagogue, or maybe on an individual level… but it’s not systemic, and we need to make that distinction.

These were Linda Sarsour’s words as co-lead of “Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Justice” — a Jewish Voice for Peace event at the New School in the Village in November 2017 — like Sarsour and Jewish Voice for Peace — beacons of American progressiveness — she was co-chair of the Women’s March — a fighter for the oppressed.

I digress back to the words and the panel — translation, “Jew hate isn’t so bad ” — for an esteemed institution of higher learning, the New School — a private institution — hosted this panel with the above mentioned title without any experts on anti-Semitism — as ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted: Having Linda Sarsour & head of JVP leading a panel on #antisemitism is like Oscar Meyer leading a panel on vegetarianism.

Susan Shapiro a writing professor at the New School — a self described liberal — wrote the following in reference to this in the NY Daily News: Believing in free speech doesn’t mean Manhattan universities should honor a perpetrator of religious hatred with a bigger platform. Let’s at least be honest and change the title of Sarsour’s panel to “How to Cleverly Repackage Anti-Semitism,” or, more accurately, “How to Further Divide the Left so We’re Stuck With Four More Years of Trump.”

Though she may not personally be Anti-Semitic, Sarsour’s point is shrouded in faux empathy and could easily be something akin to a rant in the Daily Stormer or its namesake Der Sturmer in 1930’s Berlin — so, some Jews are persecuted — not important — this is just proof of their terrifying, tendrils touching and thus controlling the conversation to caste themselves as the victims — the plight of an individual Jew isn’t anything to worry about. For a progressive she sure is lacking in empathy for autonomy — this is Neo-Liberalism — like fascism — the individual is subordinate to the group.

The fact that she made the statement underscores the obvious — anti-Semitism is systemic because her comment was anti-Semitic. It is unethical — a classic deontological/telological split. Would you rather a car crash into a wall just killing the driver or into a car killing other passengers if you had the power to control the situtation — the answer is seemingly obvious. But when the driver is switched to you or someone you care about instead of a nameless person — the slippery slope falls out.

Credit where credit is due — Sarsour raised money for desecrated Jewish cemeteries but like the rest of her progressive modus operandi — it is counterintuitive to her words about Jews — if Jewish cemeteries are being desecrated there is an obvious anti-Semitism in American society — the desecration of a cemetery is the most destructive, bigoted symbol of hate that could occur — destroying the final resting place of the dead. The actions just do not jive with the words she says or the people she associates with — specifically rabid anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan — in fact the three co-chairs of the Women’s March— Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory took over a year to even issue a weak statement on Facebook saying his views were “indefensible”and not aligned” with its “Unity Pricnipals.”

This systemic anti-Semitism was on full display in a recent Washington Post article — I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion — the title not all too subtle — which — and this is not satirical — lamented Jewish boyfriends — the last paragraph speaks for itself:

In the meantime, I’ll continue dating and meeting my friends — Jewish and not — to swap Tinder horror stories over drinks, hopefully while sipping the cocktail I’m determined to create, named “A Jewish Man’s Rebellion.” I’d like it to feature a bourbon base and be garnished with a slice of bacon.

Haaretz expands:

And so, Purcell’s decision to take the failure of two relationships that she admits ended for reasons other than religion, and then turn their Jewishness into their defining characteristic and the rejection of her into a racial/religious act, was remarkably badly timed.

Unwittingly or not, she struck an unusually sensitive nerve with a sledgehammer.

She didn’t directly invoke the racist archetype of the opportunistic and lustful Jewish man preying on innocent “shiksas,” just as she didn’t overtly state that, unlike herself, Jewish women are rude, messy and don’t know how to mix martinis.

But neither did the existence of such anti-Semitic imagery — and the charged atmosphere of the moment — stop her from writing an article that portrayed her as the hapless blond, Christian, disposable plaything of callous Jewish men.

One imagines that she (and her editors at the Post) may have thought twice before publishing a rant implying her mistreatment at the hands of nonwhite ex-boyfriends and their black, Latino or Muslim families.

Purcell’s essay, which she clearly intended to be charming and sparkling, has instead turned her into a symbol of increased tolerance for Jew-bashing, which has accompanied the global rise in anti-Semitism. It exists not only in the pro-Trump blogosphere, but in leftist circles too — the recent display of solidarity for Louis Farrakhan by Women’s March leaders; in Great Britain by the Labour Party; and in France, Germany and other European cities.

The irony, as already noted, is that both right and left are playing the identity politics game— Jews dealt the perennial, demonized hand — the actions discussed above both written and spoken — classic anti-Semitism — classic ignorance of history — anti-Semitism is nothing if not systemic — it is the kindling of the fire of all hate.

John-Paul Pagano is succint in his analysis in the Atlantic:

In reality, just like everyone else, people on the contemporary left pick and choose when to be practical and when to be idealistic. That there appears to be no desire on the part of Women’s March to confront Jew-hatred specifically and substantively, even as most religious hate crimes target Jews and anti-Semitism stats rise, is something that should trouble anyone of genuine antiracist sentiment. That the group refuses to be accountable for a high-level alliance with an open anti-Semite disqualifies it from ranking among today’s movements for social justice.

The ignoring of hate — the disregarding of sorrow — anti-Semitism — the Jew as victim and the Jew as oppressor — anti-Semitism creates an aura of dehumanizing mysticism around the Jew — shapeshifting demonic Others that are all powerful and control and cause all that is wrong with the world. This is a what is special about Jew Hate (this in no way condones any other bigotry as more or less worthy of fighting — more or less horrendous) the propagada espoused of vermin — less than human that is responsible for all of humanity’s ills — guess who for example is responsible in their sick minds for everyone else they hate — the question is obviously rhetorical. In the end it’s all about the same thing — don’t bicker among the oppressed — fight the oppressor — it all grows out of the same ignorance, fear and hate — Christian, White Supremacy — however, there are subtleties that differentiate this hate — the hatred of Jews is an elaborate conspiray theory and has been the go to theology of the downtrodden for thousands of years — Christianity — the underlying foundation for the Satanic power of the Jew.

The Atlantic extrapolates on this idea: anti-Semitism in the main is a racist conspiracy theory. That means it punches up at a perceived oppressor — the Jews, whom it casts as a diabolical elite that enslaves and exploits humankind. Punching up is naturally appealing to any group that is, or feels like it is, being ill-used by history. As often as not, anti-Semites are socially weaker than the Jews they target. And antiracist campaigners today have absorbed the specious racialization by 1960s radicals of the Arab-Israeli conflict. In their mental shorthand, Jews are white and privileged.

Jew hating has been part of society since before the multiple millennia of the Blood Libel — its reprehensible path through history has seen immeasurable terror, violence — unspeakable cruelty which culminated in the Holocaust, the worst and definitely the most organized genocide in history — the beasts of hate, with a lust to exterminate, would forever stain Europe, with the blood of the innocent and their genocide — each murder perpetrated against an individual, each one with a life to live — memories, thoughts, dreams — babies, children, women and men — killed by beasts — those beasts were the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands of normal people — never forget, those beasts were normal people too — the Banality of Evil, in all its rancid glory — the ideology that fueled that hate is the same ideology that was on display in Charlottesville, the same words, in a different Germanic tongue — Blood and Soil … Blut und Boden.

Many Jews have become the disseminators of this anti-Semitism, without even knowing it, as is the case when the argument is made by the ignorant righteous, (paraphrasing) Jews remained in Germany because they thought they were Germans but they were wrong, Jews were the other — the righteous, ignorant propagandist disseminates Hitler’s sick ideology and doesn’t even know it — Jews were Germans, it was the Nazis that said otherwise — it’s the Alt-Right that echoes this insidiousness. Are you American Jews, American? It’s easy to lambast when it’s not you whose being questioned. Hitler still fans the flames of hate even after the cyanide and the bullet to his brain. I shudder at what’s to become of Jews now — this was always Hitler’s goal.

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