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Zack Chapepa
Feb 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Updated 05 September 2019

Dear readers and writers. It’s been a minute at The New North. A while ago, we canceled submissions for a number of reasons. This was 2017 and a lot of things were happening, including the editor having a break from Medium and the Internet. A lot happens! but in the spirit of the New Year we are opening submissions to everyone. Anyone can have the chance to submit poetry, fiction or even artwork!

Below you will find the body of work we expect and the things you need before submitting.

Formatting and Presentation

Presentation is a big part of how we consider your work. Submissions should properly present a good format to reduce the unnecessary time needed to pay attention to your work. The right header image, clean paragraphs, good spelling should be something you’ve figured out before submitting. By default, any post must have a header image that relates to the story — a few exceptions are given to clear stylistic choices made to represent the body of work. There should be a clear title in bold. Subtitles are optional and should correspond with the right format, if included.

Poetry should have lines for verses, a clear heading and image.

Tags should also be included in the submission and this is a priority since you would not want a wrong tag to be included in your post that you did not want to have. As you may have guessed, if you don’t include a tag with your post. The editors will choose one they feel would go well with the post.

Submission Days

On a normal week, posts are published on a deadline of two days, hours even in a good week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are dedicated to publishing. Posting before stated days means your post can have time to be reviewed and can also be published first. In the case that a post goes for long without being published a number of things may have happened.

  • The Editors may have not received the post, or the post may have been lost in the sea of notifications. In this case, reaching out can help. Leaving a note with a tag will notify the Editors (a feature for tagging on Medium is putting the @ symbol then typing the username for the account you wish to tag).
  • There is some backlog to go through before posts can be published. A small note will be included on the publication where this is the case.
  • The publication might be on a break. In this case, an email is sent to followers to notify when the publication is not publishing any posts.

Submitting a post

To submit a post, send a profile link and the link to the post you want submitted to If you are already included as a writer, that means choosing the publication on the editor window in the post.

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