Submission Guidelines

Zack Chapepa
Feb 1, 2018 · 3 min read

[Updated 26 February 2021]


Below you will find some guidelines on how to submit to our publication.

Before you start, consider visiting our Facebook page and leaving a like. For your work to be considered we suggest you do since this is also how we grow the community.

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Your body of work is still a part of Medium and is subjected to their terms, but if you submit with The New North you get to benefit from the unique readership of rich and quality fiction plus poetry.

We don't really ask for much, just your own expression without limits. At the same time remember this work should be original/not plagiarised, including the media you associate with your submission. If the media is not yours, make sure you credit the source. You will also submit original work that is not published elsewhere, with the exception that your work may have been published on your personal blog outside Medium.

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Formatting and Presentation

Presentation plays a big part in valuing your work. Submissions should be properly presented with a good format and with above decent proofreading. The right header image, clean paragraphs, good spelling should be something you’ve figured out before submitting. By default, any post must have a header image that is properly credited— a few exceptions are given to stylistic choices, but this should be kept at a minimum.

Poetry should have lines for verses, a clear heading and image.

Tags should also be included in the submission and this is a priority since you would not want a wrong tag to be included in your post that you did not want to have. As you may have guessed, if you don’t include a tag with your post. The editors will choose one they feel would go well with the post.

Submission Days

On a normal week, posts are published on a deadline of two days, hours even in a good week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are dedicated to publishing. Posting before stated days means your post can have time to be reviewed and can also be published first. In the case that a post goes for long without being published a number of things may have happened.

Submitting a post

To submit a post, send a profile link and the link to the post you want submitted to If you are already included as a writer, that means choosing the publication on the editor window in the post.

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