The Big Lie: Conspiracy as Reality — Fascism, 2019

It is certain ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.

James Baldwin

Authoritarianism 101

The Republican Party is gaslighting America

The propaganda emanating from the GOP and its media is constant and deafening. It is hypocritical, idiotic and insidious — and it’s working — the societal collective delusion is engulfing every sphere of American society — even the media that reports truth still reports fallacy — the more it is said the more it becomes reality — the Big Lie works — the Big Lie tore democracy from beneath Weimar and it fell into the Third Reich’s tyranny.

The Big Lie — cultivated by Hitler, specifically delineating it in Mein Kampf — the Big Lie of the racist, pro-capitalist Drug War which his Third Reich propagandized gave rise to the simlarly worded, xenophobic, pro-capitalist War on Terror — the Big Lie is espoused all over the world, in the present day — the Big Lie demonizes the other — presenting a mendacious dichotomy — Us v. Them — exposing the source of all evil.

In the USA — the Big Lie is GOP policy — since long before the ACA was signed into law — whilst its demonization caused by hatred of its colloquial namesake — years before, McConnell and Ryan’s Tango with tyranny had already begun — the Southern Strategy’s direct descendent — the modern GOP’s autocratic hate traces back to the slaughter and slavery America was founded upon and straight through to the KKK, Buck v. Bell, Nixon’s drug war, Reagan’s welfare queens, Poppy Bush and W’s fear mongering and the perverted, pious hypocrisy of Pence and Moore’s American, White, Supremacist Christianity.

Trump disseminated the Big Lie before he threw his proverbial orange stained political hat in the ring and it has brought the United States to the preipice of tyranny as his regime ensconces itself at 1600 Penn and metastatises throughout DC — it was what he espoused after his infamous golden escalator descent in June 2015 — the Central Park Five, Birtherism — a talented — the most talented, business man — this is Authoritarianism 101 — how to gaslight society.

Even in the darkest of times we have the right to some illumination.

Hannah Arendt

Propaganda Propaganda Propaganda

  • Grievance is policy.
  • Conspiracy is policy.
  • Reality is whatever you’re told it is — this includes the omission of history which is a hallmark of fascist politics — Make America Great Again.

What are you told is reality?

That George Washington was righteous — not that he was a hardcore racist capitalist. Not that ten of the first twelve presidents were slave owners. Not that the Revolutionary War was fought more to preserve and grow this abominable institution and to conquer and colonize the indigenous population than to thwart taxation without representation.

Why did the majority of Native Americans fight on the side of the Crown? The Crown wasn’t as imperialistic as the revolutionaries and that’s saying a lot. In contemporaneous writings from the time these First Americans knew their conduct was criminal, unethical and immoral — this didn’t stop them — it only strengthened their resolve. Slavery was not condemned but like a virus infected the continent — some Native Americans owned African slaves too.

Ever read that in high school history?

And this same historical arc leads to present day American autocracy and tells you that an Oligarchic, Misogynist, White Supremacist is an exceptional choice for a seat on the most powerful court in the world.

  • You’ve always been told this — it has become reality.

National Socialism has no theory of society as we understand it, no consistent picture of its operation, structure and development. It has certain aims to carry through and adjusts its ideological pronouncements to a series of ever-changing goals…. It has certain magical beliefs — leadership adoration, the supremacy of the master race — but its ideology is not laid down in a series of categorical and dogmatic pronouncements.

Franz Leopold Neumann — Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism, 1933–1944

What else are you told?

In Hungary where the banality of evil is echoing the anti-Semitism of the 1930’s you are told that immigrants, Soros and Globalists (Jews) are the source of all evil.

In Poland you are told to deny the Holocaust — don’t say Polish Death Camps — Auschwitz was in Poland — 1.1 million murdered there — Arbeit macht frei — the Poles were the victims — the Jews an afterthought — you are told in this way to deny the Holocaust. Those that perpetuate this so-called blasphemy, the non-existent immigrant hoards and of course Jews are the source of all evil.

This same hate, you were told by Trump and the rest of the GOP, as they advocated for now Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS — done as they told you that the truth was trash and his Misogynistic, Christian, White Supremacism was all a Soros paid protester conspiracy — exactly what is currently said in Hungary — the final nail in the coffin — establishing a reactionary NEO-Liberal, American Fascism that has since the Southern Strategy been specifc GOP policy — goose stepping towards autocracy — authoritarian policy — you are told that the Clintons, Democrats, socialists, Globalists, Mexicans, NFL players, immigrants — the list is never ending and could be anyone or anything — Blood and Soil … Blut und Boden — Christian, White Supremacy — all of Trump’s enemies — are the source of all evil.

In Myanmar where genocide is government policy you are told via propaganda distributed through Facebook (knowingly) that the Rohingya are the source of all evil.

In North Korea (which is what Germany would look like if the Nazis had won) you are told that you live in a utopia and all those that don’t conform to the socialist ideal which includes the right haircut are the source of all evil.

In the Philippines (where Hitler’s War on Drugs is being fought as he surely intended) you are told that drug dealers/users are the source of all evil.

The list goes on as Trump applauds the fascist creep becoming a fascist tsunami — you are told the hoax of climate change — a conspiracy demonizing the planet — fascism — the end result of hyper-capitalism is the nadir of tyranny — destroying Earth which you are told is infested with the unpure — the unpure are the source of all evil.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


War on the Poor

The Drug War — first coined by Hitler and his Third Reich — part of his nefarious Untermensch ideology — still part of the same Big Lie today — is the criminalizing of poverty — it is the beginning of the end result of hyper-capitalism — cash bail has always been there as a specific means to target poverty — laws targeting the poor have always been part of American society — of its jurisprudence — the Constitution indoctrinated it and Kavanaugh represents its ideology and how SCOTUS will continue to perpetuate it for decades to come.

The poor — always a societal target — low class— an insult — the nomenclature telling — the first law enforcement contact might not be any jail — probably not even an arrest — a DAT (desk appearance ticket) — then a fine is agreed to as a plea — the fine is never paid and a warrant is issued — that warrant is a death warrant — this death warrant written when the law was promulgated — an ideology present before the inception of America — enshrined in a Constitution in thrall to land owners — actual execution of said warrant began when the arrest was effectuated — the death warrant signed in Philadelphia, 1786.

In the USA — a country founded on capitalist tyranny — the Big Lie has always been that the poor are the source of all evil.