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The Dance

A Poem

Megan McClintock
Nov 27, 2019 · 2 min read

earlier than dawn
while nighttime dreamers linger
we begin a dance

rising to the sound
of hammers and tower cranes
the city still sleeps

black bitter coffee
scorches tired eyes awake
as music begins

enter the welders
affecting ultraviolet
fire falls like rain

steel marries roof beams
burned together in bright heat
built to last lifetimes

ironworkers swing
from steel trusses like creatures
born to fly, weightless

swing, look out, dodge left
twirl around at the edges
of fast-paced craftsmen

below earth, hear the bass
deep beats and thrums of machines
vibrations echo

in concrete, men weave
rebar and pipes, intricate
as a tapestry

feel the caution here
swivel, side-step, stay alert
a dangerous dance

a dance where people
lose limbs, burn skin, fall too far
never rise again

we dance on, careful
we practice the dance, plan it
over and over

push and pull again
rising friction every day
endless problems wait

yet men and women
here they rise beyond themselves
create together

there is magic here
alchemical, ancient paths
engineering life

the magic of men
who fight every day to build
something that stands strong

in deep tunnels and
the highest rooftops, people
come to dance at dawn

we could tell you, yes
Ozymandias still burns
we rise to find more.

Construction is beautiful. Yes, it is dirt and grime and dust under your fingernails. It is loud noises, crass humor, and hard work. It is tunnels and mines and hard steel.

But it is also the coalescence of years of hard work in a complex dance of trades and timing that is more difficult than most people will ever comprehend.

Men and women work day and night, bringing to life the iconic landmarks that represent our cities, our countries, and our civilization. They build the bones of a building, it’s internal organs. They protect it and pull it together, piece by piece, for years of their life.

It is science. It is engineering. It is hard work and late nights and seven cups of coffee a day. It is also magic.

The New North

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Megan McClintock

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Writer | Traveler | Expert Dog Petter enjoying the incredible, beautiful absurdity of life ig: @meganfromuva

The New North

// Home of storytellers // Facebook: @thenewnorth

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