12 Jan 2016 — People and Paper…and Packaging

Nuphap Aunyanuphap
Jan 22, 2017 · 3 min read
People and Paper Shop/Showroom — Via Friuli, Milano

From Nuphap Aunyanuphap to Silviã Lãnfrãnchi

Ciao Silvia!

Today I’d like to document one of the interesting place I’ve been today that Giulia, a friend of mine in Id-Lab, recommended me to go.

The place is called People and Papers, and is located near Lodi metro station (yellow line). My friend also suggested that they have every kind of papers available for you to choose.

Wide selection of papers

After entering, you can see a wall of countless paper types from different paper brands (SUPER COOL!)

This walls are divided by colors. There are walls that are dedicated also to each brands.

Here, you can buy paper samples for each types of papers. It’s a bit expensive but it’s a super great way to get samples to experiment with your project. After you’ve decided your paper, you can come here and order the paper from them.

The price for each sample. The amount of paper you have for each package varies from paper types

After a quick talk with people there, the intention of making a showroom is because they want you to come and experience the paper yourself (If I’m not mistaken, it’s the only place in Europe that does this). Also, it would be great to come here from time to time (or whenever any project came up), because the paper supply and selection changes all the time.

Package selection are also available

They also sell variety of packages for printed things (eg. envelopes, boxes). As you can see from the image below, there are countless numbers of packages you can choose for your project.

What interest me the most is the Bubble package, which came in wide variety of colors and sizes. You can also purchase sample to try and experiment with your project.

For this, I’ve purchased some in case we wanted to try. ;-)

Also, in addition to this, I’ve made a new exel document laying out all of our producers and suppliers contacts, prices, and products. I put them in the google drive that we shared together. ;-)

Thanks alot! and see you soon


The New Publishing

Nuphap Aunyanuphap

Written by

Visual designer at Id-Lab, Student of Relational design. From Bangkok, Thailand.

The New Publishing

An experiment/research/analysis to reinvent and redefine a new publishing house in an evolving digital era. A project by Nuphap Aunyanuphap and Silvia Lanfranchi

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