23 Dec 2016 — The meeting in RED

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Jan 22, 2017 · 3 min read

From Nuphap Aunyanuphap and Silvia Lanfranchi to everyone!

Greetings from a cold lively Milan!

Here everyone (including us) are getting ready for Christmas. However, before getting prepared for the holiday, we would like to make a quick and small recap of things we recently discussed with our thesis advisor at RED cafe in Piazza Gae Aulenti. (so now you know where our title of this post came from) ;-)

Regarding our book

After our first test we then developed, designed, and do another round of test print at Print Club Torino.(Nuphap Aunyanuphap will get into further details again shortly after this post).

Briefly, we printed the first chapter to try to see the price for each chapter, together with colors and which design works best in printed format.

After the meeting, Stefano suggests us to try to print the whole book (not just one chapter). The reasons are as follow:

  • To understand the price for the whole book
  • To understand the binding technique (and possibilities) of the whole book
  • To fully finish our first test, and understand what is the next step and which decisions we should take further.

Therefore, he then suggests us the following next steps for the Design and Production process:

  1. Finish and bind the whole book
  2. Decide the ways how to do the packaging
  3. Keep a good record of the production details so that we can do analysis and take further decisions later (eg. prices, production time, supply availability, etc.)

Regarding our Distribution

After several research and analysis by Silvia Lanfranchi, we then came down to few best (and possible) distribution method of our books (you can also view the proposal here in the previous post).

The best option that works best in our case is distribution by social media because we are able to explain the process using storytelling method to reach our target. Also, people are now spending most of their time in social media. Deciding to choose this channel can give us opportunity to reach audiences in a fast and effective way.

After discussing this with our advisor, he agrees that social media could be a promising way to distribute our books. But on and all, we would not really know until we try.

Therefore, the next steps he suggests for the Distribution process is to choose specific social media channels and start talking about our publishing house and what we are doing. Here, we can come up with a temporary name (if we still haven’t finalize on one). For now, the social media communicate only about the publishing house and not about selling our book (what we are intending to do and what we are doing).

On and all, Stefano suggests us to continuously keep the diary of everything we do. We can truly understand why he suggests this to us — thesis is more about the process, not the results. :-)

See you real soon,

N. + S.

The New Publishing

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A collection of thoughts/exchange/findings to redefine a new publishing house in an evolving digital era. More info — www.thenewpublishing.com

The New Publishing

An experiment/research/analysis to reinvent and redefine a new publishing house in an evolving digital era. A project by Nuphap Aunyanuphap and Silvia Lanfranchi

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