24 Jan 2017 — Our meeting at Id-Lab

From The New Publishing to everyone!

We would like to document somethings we’ve discussed with our advisor during our meeting one day after submitting the thesis book. :-)

Regarding the poems

After looking online into the public domain poetry, we found that most of the old+classical poems are under public domain. however, the translation are subject to copyrights by different translators and/or website.

These are things we still need more time to understand (and possibly contact). Together with the tightness of time because we wanted to print and exhibit the “current progress” of our publishing house at HOMI Smart this Friday, we then decide to print just the original version of the poem.

Then, we can find open-sourced images or graphics to feature the poem — and possibly communicate what the poem is about.

Here, we can consider them a Visual poem, where one can try guess the meaning of the poem (and the mysterious language) by looking the visuals.

This is very exciting for us! Let’s see what we can produce and print for the upcoming HOMI Smart event! :-)

Preparing for HOMI Smart

We consider it a great opportunity to attend the event because of various reasons. First, it’s the first time that we would meet the public. Second, it is a good practice for us for the Final Masters degree show that will take place two weeks from now.

After discussion with our adviser, we then conclude on the following format for the exhibition:

We are having, more or less, 5.00m x 1.00m exhibition space. Here, we plan to start by having a small information of our project (far left of our sketch diagram). Then, moving on, we would exhibit our reference, tests and findings from the start, then continue on up to the point of where we are now. Here we will exhibit them altogether in a chronological manner. Doing so, one would understand the development of our process, together with references and things that made up each of the experiments. Then, we will end the exhibition with a computer where one could leave suggestions for our further developments.

Silvia and Nuphap is preparing and making mockups of the exhibition.

Here are some small documentation of big details we’ve decided together:

For the introduction and texts — We will print them on white paper, where one could open and see the contents inside. You can see the reference here to get the picture better.

For the things we collected (references) — we decided we will do a photocopy of the covers of our collected references (books, zines, postcards) to exhibit them. This, for us, proves to be useful for various reason.

  1. These books are valuable (and even expensive) for us to leave them at the fair. However, we will also bring the real copy with us when we are there.
  2. This would clearly distinguish the references with all the experiments and tests we made — which will also be exhibited together side by side.

For the experiments we made — We will exhibit the actual experiments chronologically together with all materials we collected in terms of production. As mentioned before, these will be exhibit together with all the references.

For the people we meet — we can exhibit them by name cards/picture/dates of when we meet them.

For how to reach us and follow us further— We will print a postcard for giveaway to people.

For the final part of the exhibition — we will finish the landing page and google form to ask visitors for suggestions

On and all, these are the things we planned and are now in the process of producing the materials. However, as always, we will decide better again when we do a real setup on how we could really place things.

So…stay tuned!!

Thesis Book

Nothing much updated in this matter. We just have to finish the book and make them neat and tidy. :-)

That’s it for the update. See you all very soon!

N. + S.

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