Seth Rich Primer: His Name Was Seth Rich — but why do we keep saying his name?

We speak Seth’s name in order to demand justice for Seth. We want whoever killed poor Seth to face justice, whether it is someone somehow affiliated with the DNC, some random robbers, or some other actor. An innocent man was murdered in cold blood and the perpetrators must be found.

If it turns out that Seth was “only” a wonderful, patriotic man who loved his country, wore Red White & Blue, hung an American flag over his bed, and loved pandas, he’d still be an amazing American who deserves justice.

We remain open to the possibility that it was just a failed, random robbery. But we reject advice which insists that we ignore the many facts that call the “failed robbery” (where nothing at all was stolen) into question.

We understand that it sounds “crazy” to suggest that the “DNC” assassinated a man for leaking their private information. It’s a pretty extraordinary theory. Personally, I wouldn’t expect to find that the conspiracy was widespread. It’d only take a few low-level and perhaps a couple high-level zealots.

Remember the paranoia that permeated the population at the time of Seth’s death. Candidate Donald Trump was regularly referred to as LITERALLY HITLER and the MSM regularly warned us that his election would mean the END OF THE REPUBLIC. Donald Trump was going to start a nuclear war if he won. The stakes had never felt greater. Is it really so absurd to imagine that his political enemies might have killed to “Save the Republic”?

Still, if it wasn’t for the anomalies around the case, the Scott Foval tape (where high level DNC operatives admit on video that they use mentally ill, homeless folks, and union toughs to do their dirty work), and the unprecedented Deep State leaks (that knowingly endanger our national security and risk the lives of innocent people), I’d have a lot more difficulty accepting even the mere possibility that the DNC assassinated Seth. But those tapes exist, those leaks exist, and there are dozens of weird coincidences and red flags.

Consider the unprecedented behavior of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, who has all but come out and confirmed that Seth was his source (just one example here, in addition to many other statements, e.g., announcing a reward for info re the killers.) Consider the fact that Seth was murdered just weeks after the date of the final email available in the leaks, just 4 days before the “Russian Hacking” claim went public, and 5 days before so-called “Guccifer 2” went public.

To those of you growing angry or rolling your eyes: consider that many of your ideological allies are — right now — demanding that the nation take seriously the theory that a former KGB agent is running the President of the United States as an SVR asset.

These are strange times. You shouldn’t have trouble considering the mere possibility that Seth’s murder could have been a political assassination.

Our operating theory is that it’s more likely to be a political assassination than a robbery-gone-wrong. We believe Seth was more than “just” an awesome patriot. We believe Seth was a hero who risked his life to expose corruption. And now he’s dead, possibly betrayed by the people he once looked up to.

We’re not the only ones who want answers. The “Profiling Project”, which has worked with the Rich family for months and months, sued the police, demanding that they release surveillance video footage, the Medical Examiner’s report, and the forensic ballistic report. They have repeatedly rejected the “failed robbery” theory and speculate that a serial killer or hired killer was responsible for the murder. In fact all of the independent investigators who have worked with the family or spent significant time reviewing this case have denounced the “failed robbery” theory. All of them insist that the D.C. police release additional information to the public.

The police are inexplicably silent. So many details are being withheld that could shed light on the various theories and help direct the efforts of those who are seeking justice for Seth.

Consider the “failed robbery” theory in light of these questions:

  • How close was the shooter when he fired his weapon each time (close enough to have occurred during a scuffle?) What does the ShotSpotter say about the timing between the shots? How many shots were fired? Where exactly was he shot, and what does that tell us, if anything, about the experience of the shooter?
  • Why were no shell casings were found, if the police showed up within one minute of the shooting? Is it because the shooter used a revolver? What kind? If not a revolver, we’re supposed to believe that the shooter was so unhinged that he lost his cool and murdered Seth without robbing him (shooting at least twice), didn’t steal anything, but still had the presence of mind to find the shell casings?
  • If not a revolver, what kind of weapon was it? Can we rule out a connection to the 2 guns and 2 boxes of 0.40 caliber ammunition stolen from an FBI vehicle 2 miles away from the murder site, just 2 hours before Seth Rich was murdered?
  • What did Seth say when the police arrived? The responding officers’ body cameras were active, and Seth was conscious. First responders later said they were shocked he didn’t survive, because he was so talkative. (It’s easy to see why the police might withhold all or part of this, to protect information the killer doesn’t know they have, or to the protect the feelings of the family. But if this can be shared, they should share it.)
  • To what extent was there bruising, and where exactly was it? If he has extensive bruising on his knuckles that would imply that there was a physical scuffle.
  • What kind of watch was Seth wearing? The kind someone would be likely to try to steal? It’d be helpful to know if it was a Rolex or a Casio .The “failed robbery” angle relies significantly on a “torn but not broken wristband.” Do we know if it was torn during the struggle?

A little bit of info would go a long way to helping to rule out certain theories.

Beyond the crime scene and basic facts, there are some investigative oddities, coincidences, and claims we’d like the authorities to address:

  • Why were the manager and staff of the bar where Seth spent his last night never interviewed? Why did the police never request surveillance footage from the bar?
  • Why are we hearing reports from investigators that police were told to stand down in their investigation? Of course, Metro D.C. Police formally reject that claim, but who is empowered to ensure that they’re speaking truthfully?
  • There is still an unnamed federal investigator who claims there is evidence of contact between Wikileaks and Seth. He is quoted as saying “I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks[…] the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department” This has been forgotten because of initial unrelated problems with the article that first published the claim. Why is no one looking into this now?
  • Why was the FBI prevented from investigating the DNC servers? What was the DNC afraid of them finding?
  • With nations hacking each other constantly, who is looking into the possibility that there was both a hack and an insider leak? Where is the skepticism around the many claims of “Guccifer 2”, in the face of the many anomalies regarding his claims?
  • Who is looking into whether Seth Rich’s identity was “unmasked” by the inappropriate unmasking that has been alleged?
  • What path did Seth follow to travel home that fateful night? Did the police request surveillance footage from the many cameras on the most natural routes connecting the bar to his home? Why won’t they release the footage if they have it?

We empathize with Seth’s family, especially with his parents, Joel and Mary.

We cannot imagine the agony they are experiencing, and how difficult it must be to have a young son murdered. Their son worked at the DNC during the most bizarre election in modern American history. He was killed shortly after a data breach with geopolitical consequences, and shortly before it was publicly leaked. It is impossible to responsibly investigate his murder without considering the possibility that his murderer had a political motive.

We also know that nearly every statement “from the family” that reaches us comes through Rich ‘family spokesman’ Brad Bauman, a deeply partisan man who was the Executive Director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and who has further ties to the DNC.

Does Bauman sound like the kind of person who is well suited to playing the role of an impartial intermediary? How would Bauman feel about an investigation which could utterly destroy the DNC?

Statements that come ‘through’ him are telling. It seems the family is convinced that speculating about Seth’s (alleged) heroic leaking “injures the memory and reputation of Seth Rich.” But if Seth was exposing corruption, why would that be the case? Who is convincing the family that such claims cast Seth in a negative light?

Their handler also appears to be proactively ruling out any evidence that might point to a political assassination in response to leaking. Bauman released a statement:

Even if tomorrow an email [directly connecting Seth to Wikileaks] was found, it is not a high enough bar of evidence to prove any interactions as emails can be altered.

Who gains from a cavalier insistence that we rule out the very possibility that Seth was assassinated for leaking private DNC data?

We want justice for Seth’s parents as much as we want justice for Seth. We’d never want the police to release something that’d in any way jeopardize the investigation. But there is so much that could be released that couldn’t possibly risk tipping off the perpetrators, since they know that the police have access to all of the basic physical facts regarding the murder.

So why do they refuse? Cui bono?

Besides, it is terribly unhealthy for our country to have to wonder whether a brave, patriotic, young man was assassinated for political purposes. Release the information if it will put such speculation to bed.

We want, answers, because we want Justice. But to get answers, we must keep Seth’s memory alive.


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