The trolls on Donald Trump’s twitter, are lame-brains.

The Telegraph is reporting that London’s crime rate is up 13%. Our glorious president seized the opportunity to tweet about this new surge in London crime.

The president received massive support in the tweet, as well as many haters commenting on his celerity regarding the threat of Islam. Many of his haters, outright called him “moronic”, among many other very childish insults.

Like many of the things President Trump tweets out, the comment section of those tweets are always riddled with lame-brains that would be better at shoveling a pile of horse excrement from a barn, rather than using their brain to propose an eloquent argument, or really any discussion at all. These people on the internet that stalk the President’s twitter feed, just to call him moronic, have no ability to maintain intelligent discourse. This is something that does not surprise me anymore. Many people like to troll other people, and then when they have no actual substance to make an argument from, they just keep trolling.

This is something that exists almost anywhere in the political universe of the internet. So this article that I have written is to take the time, to make fun of those trolls. In essence, we get to troll the trolls. To the readers, if you catch somebody trolling another person, go ahead and troll them. Do the exact same thing they are doing, but give them a taste of their own stupidity. This is a tactic that I put into action many times when I am on the internet, and it almost always works.

Once again, readers, MAGA on. Protect your 1st and 2nd, and make sure you stand up for liberty at any chance you can get.

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