A Hi5 Gone Red, 3D, and Blue

This week, we’re taking tips from ‘The Matrix’

As a quick reminder, here’s how Hi5 and Points Work!
You already know that you get one point for every dollar you spend at the stores. Well, if you buy any of this week’s Hi5 products you’ll get 5x points for every dollar you spend. That’s 5x the points!
And you know what’s really awesome?
When you reach 300 Points we turn those points into $10 to spend any way you like at any of the New Stand stores!

Kakkoi Pantone Bluetooth Speaker — Blue Aster, Flame Scarlet

In the Pantone Universe, there is no Leaning Tower of Pisa but the Leaning Cube of Music… that you can take anywhere with you. One of the smallest bluetooth speakers out there, you can literally pop it in your bag and maybe even forget it was even there. It also means you can save the day when some hooligan spills their cider cocktail all over the host’s home speaker.

bKR Bottle — Fiery Red

Water bottles can be boring, but not yours. This limited edition H20 capsule is the antidote to cheap, disposable plastic bottles. Now show the world you love Mama Earth with a fiery red passion.

Waboba Moon Ball

In the spirit of everyone’s obsession with SpaceX and Elon Musk, we present to you the plaything that “bounces out of this world.” This gravity-defying ball bounces up to 100 feet in the air. Who knows, maybe you can even break that record. Test those gym gains.

Tony Moly Cherry Lip Balm

Hands down, the most kawaii lip product you’ll ever own. Not only does it have the looks, it gets an A for hydration. Hellooo, kissable lips. It’s even got SPF 15 for sun UV protection, how bout dat?

Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze

Everyone knows this is the best Gatorade flavor known to man. And that there’s nothing quite like quenching that thirst with this majestic light blue elixir. Cheers to electrolytes!