Exquisite Doesn’t Even Come Close to Describing Graphic Designer Mariano Pagella

NaNa Kim
NaNa Kim
Dec 16, 2017 · 6 min read

Muti-talented graphic designer Mariano Pagella has the magic touch

We’re back with another Member Spotlight, because our members are FRIGGIN’ AWESOME and always worth bragging about!

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to connect with graphic designer and art director Mariano Pagella who runs his own creative studio from Barcelona called Vasty. With multidisciplinary projects ranging from vibrant paper alphabets to metallic body paint, experimenting with different mediums comes naturally to him. If you’re into colorful graphics and paper typography or simply looking for inspiration for your own art, you’ll want to get familiar with this “crafty” fella.

Take a look at his unique work, and check out our conversation below:

Could you tell us about your background and the origin of your art studio, Vasty?

I studied Graphic Design at Buenos Aires University in Argentina and worked in different studios doing web, editorial, graphic design, branding and motion graphics.

In 2016, after two years of co-directing my own motion graphics studio, I decided to change my route again to create a new boutique place where I could feel more comfortable doing different type of projects, from tactile to digital, with a sensitive approach; trying to generate bold, sleek and exquisite concepts by combining traditional graphic design with craft compositions.

Between Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and NYC, where do you feel you grew most as a creative?

Wow, these three cities are really amazing!

Buenos Aires is where I grew up. It’s a fantastic place to stay inspired, create things and share with other great creatives, but at the same time it was like being in my ”comfort zone”.

Barcelona is a city that I really love. I recently moved my studio here! I feel it is like a mix between the good vibes floating on the air and of course in the people and a super contemporary place to stay inspired.

And NYC is like a twister! There are so many cool things happening at the same time that it’s inevitable to push yourself to move forward and create something! Some of my projects were inspired by just being there; it has a powerful energy that is difficult to feel in any other city.

What finally led you to base your studio in Barcelona?

I love the spirit of Barcelona! And with my girlfriend who is a musician, we decided to move here to see how this vibrant city would inspire us. I also have some friends here, and of course my European passport helped me to base my studio easily in this beautiful city.

Which medium do you enjoy working with the most?

I really don’t have one. I enjoy both — craft and digital medium, but it depends on the kind of project I’m working on. Now that I’ve based my studio in Barcelona, it’s easier to choose which medium I like but when I was traveling more, I did not always have all my set design tools or a comfortable workspace so I was obligated to choose a digital one. But I have to say that the discomfort has pushed me to create some nice projects too.

How has your aesthetic evolved over the course of your career?

It has changed a lot! And I think it’ll keep changing. I usually get bored easily if I repeat the same type of project too much — aesthetic or medium. I mean, I can do the same type of project more than once of course, but in the next one I’d try to innovate. Also, now I’m trying my best to create things that have a sensible feeling. Obviously that depends on the project, whether it’s commissioned or artistically personal, but I always try to do that.

Which project do you feel reflects your taste the best?

I remember a similar question a few month ago and I answered the Colorful Paper Craft Alphabet because it combines typography with a colorful palette, mixing graphic design compositions with a craft handmade approach. But now I have to say that I’m still looking for the project that makes me feel the most proud, so maybe that project will be the next one that I have not done yet? Haha, this may be my main motivation.

Could you share your creative process? What gets those sparks flying?

Depending on the medium I use I follow different steps. For example, on a paper craft project I usually start creating a pencil sketch, then I digitalize it mixing a photo or a digital illustration simulating how it looks. After that, I create a blueprint that will be used on the paper cut step, a set design creation if needed (like the Kinder Instagram one), then shoot and finally do some retouching if needed. I always try to share the process of my projects on Instagram or my website.

Music and travelling are my favorite inspiration, but of course a good beer with friends can always surprise you with cool creative ideas.

How do you get over your creative blocks?

Great question! I always try different methods. Sometimes I change radically the point of how I start creating normally, like trying a different technique for the same visual solution.

Sometimes I switch to another project for a while and then return more motivated, and sometimes I go outside my studio to get inspired from new vibes or get some fresh air with a run listening to great music (love your New Stand mixes!)

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Wow, so many! Basically with any kind of art, music, corporate, non-profit, publishing & editorial project that has something great to say and needs help to make it happen in a creative and sensible way.

Do you have any future projects you’re excited about?

I’m finishing a paper craft project for a new online platform (I can’t tell you more for now, sorry!), preparing a new poster series that will be available on my online shop soon, a new set of design visuals for an Argentinean industrial designer, and another tactile project that I’d like to continue using body paint with, like in the Flamboyant one, but this time not only with hands.

We’re curious about how you found out about New Stand. How did you become a member?

I knew about New Stand when I was in NYC and trying to know new things to do, listen and try, so I became a Member! Now that I’m in Barcelona I continue using it because it’s a great way to stay tuned on new cool stuff.

That’s it for this week’s Member Spotlight. Make sure you follow Mariano via his website and Instagram for updates on all his amazing creative projects.


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