Float into Ferry Daze

I took the new NYC ferries for a spin. Life felt cinematic

If you spend, what feels like, 80% of your life commuting to and fro work like I do, you know how much of a drag the MTA can be. For everyone who journeys borough to borough for your livelihood — I salute you #undergroundsquad. I won’t hate too much since the trains get me places, but subway cars can be stinky and bleak. I’m cool with life as a part-time mole person, but can we please put an end to those mysterious odors #wasityou.

If you haven’t heard, our city has brand spankin’ new ferries (that don’t smell). And who’s in charge of the new concession stands on board? New Stand! Hollaaa.

My boss suggested I take myself on a little cruise to get a feel for the seafaring side of things, and who can turn down a little field trip?

While waiting to board at Wall Street Pier 11, I felt the same tingly anticipation we used to get while waiting for the cheese bus to take us away from a normal day at school. I could say the same for the two men bonding over how the ferry is so much better than the A train.

My first impression once I got inside? Low-key luxe vibes. I felt like I’d just walked into a members-only lounge akin to the ones at airports.

Ahhh, there it was. Our handsome New Stand — a kiosk oasis of snacks, rosé, and miscellaneous goods. And seeing the same two gentlemen resume their chat over a beer warmed my mole-person heart.

I let myself tear into a bag of lychee gummies. “It ain’t cheat day, but I’m on a boat.”

The best part about the ferries is that you don’t have to stay inside. You can go outside and feel the wind in your hair.

If you’ve ever travelled on some kind of boat in the past, brace yourself for the feels. The familiar sounds of being on water —motor running, waves breaking — briefly transported me back to my trip to Venice. I swear I almost shed a tear.

Overall, the ferries are definitely a great alternative to that monotonous subway routine, especially if you live all the way out in Rockaway (bless your heart). You’ll feel like a tourist in your own city, which is totally a welcome alternative to feeling jaded with routine commutes. The upper deck may not have a dashing, 90s-era Leo DiCaprio waiting for you, but the views are worth it. Your life will feel incredibly cinematic.

Even if the ferries aren’t the most efficient way to get to work, definitely board one when you get the chance, especially if you’re headed to the Lower East Side. Or if you want to impress any visiting friends with your knowledge of the nautical scene.

Peace out, and set sail.

P.S. If you do go out and shoot some pictures for Instagram, hold tight to your smartphones. I’m talking iron grip. My iPhone literally felt like a piece of cardboard in the gnarly breeze.

P.S.S. Let’s hire Leo-lookalikes for the Titanic fans in all of us (Frieze Art Fair knows what’s up).

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