I’m Into It: Kick Off To Summer Edition

The weather is finally nice, and it’s time to stock up on supplies.

Jana Adler
May 16 · 4 min read

Jana Adler is New Stand’s resident curatorial voice. If you’ve ever bought something in one of our stores and loved it, that’s all thanks to her. Now, she’s bringing her talent directly to you with this new column we’re calling ‘I’m Into It.’ Jana will regularly tell you the coolest things that are certain to make your day a little better. You can follow her adorable dog Avocado here.

Everyone has a season, and mine is definitely summer. Tan lines, freckles, summer Fridays, ladies wearing open-toe shoes during the correct season, sunrises at the beach (YESSSS East Coast), dining a la fresco, beach reading (I’m talking to you, pile of New Yorkers and Atlantics), drinking cold Lambrusco outside on hot nights, all of it.

Part of the joy of summer is leaving the house and never knowing where the night will take you (a rooftop pool? Max Fish? Queens??). For the nights when that happens, here are a few supplies you need for the night of… and the morning after.

Set Editions Shot Glasses–and so it begins.
Set Editions Calling Cards — and sometimes ends.

Summer, like camping, is truly all about the gear. So suit up and never never ever be caught without these essentials.

Baggu Fanny Pack (Left) –Stash it in style. Sun Bum Sunscreen Stick (Right)–The only way to prevent premature aging!!
Sunday Somewhere Aviators–Come on, if you do not have at least one cool pair of aviators you are doing life wrong.
W&P Porter Water Bottle (Left)–Stay hydrated. Stojo (Right)–Again, for the morning after.

Kicking off summer is all about everyone looking their summer best, new adventures, old weekend houses, beach days you wish could last forever, and yes, possibly some very bad decisions.

NUUN Hydration Tabs

The best part about being lucky enough to live in a place where we (still) have four seasons is the collective, forced nostalgia we all inherently experience when the seasons change — to remember what we were doing at this time last year, who we were with and who exactly we may have been. While in other geographically located cities that do not experience changes of season they break up the monotony with a slow-moving sidewalk to indulgent self-obsession (Yes, I’m talking to you L.A.). But just so you don’t feel left out, and so you know I love you, and not just like a red-headed stepchild, I have picked out some summer must-haves for you too:

DOIY Berber Rug Yoga Mat—Balance your chakras and look cute while doing it.
Sunny Life Float (Left)–Your own private island. SL Iridescent Market Tote (Right)–I mean, EVERYONE needs this.
R+Co Beach Hair Spray — I woke up like this

For me, the best part of summer is, I think I mentioned, the beach, the beach and the beach. So go get out there and soak up the sun — there’s only one summer of 2019. Stop by New Stand for everything you’ll need to make your summer one of a kind.


Imagine your favorite bodega and blog had a baby; that's us. Half store, half app, we're all about new products, new ideas, and new people.

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Imagine your favorite bodega and blog had a baby; that's us. Half store, half app, we're all about new products, new ideas, and new people.

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