It’s Time For a Fiesta

Everything you need to get the party going.

As a quick reminder, here’s how Hi5 and Points Work!
You already know that you get one point for every dollar you spend at the stores. Well, if you buy any of this week’s Hi5 products you’ll get 5x points for every dollar you spend. That’s 5x the points!
And you know what’s really awesome?
When you reach 300 Points we turn those points into $10 to spend any way you like at any of the New Stand stores!

He Said, She Said Coin Purse

Truly, what else is there to spend money on?

W&P Baking Blanket Red

A baking blanket creates a nonstick surface for you to get your bake on. So, if you ever need to get a-roasting — can you say nachos? — this is the perfect blanket.

W&P Nacho Grater

What’s greater than a great grater? The perfect way to add some cheese to your tacos, burritos, and nachos.

Tops Malibu Surprise Pinata

A prize-filled pinata is the perfect centerpiece for your upcoming Taco Tuesday celebrations.

Moon Juice — Chile and Lime Mango

Dried mango is a perfect, all natural snack. And, if we’ve learned anything from Mexican food, it’s that nothing can go wrong with a dash of chile and lime.