New Stand & Pioneer Works Present: This Summer’s Greatest Concert

Blonde Redhead is headlining our inaugural New Night. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Use this code for Member price: NEWNIGHT

Listen up, guys and gals: When you signed up to become New Stand Members, you probably thought to yourselves, “Cool, a free app that notifies me of all the amazing deals going on at my new favorite store, AND lets me know about all the cool shit going on in the zeitgeist. What more can I ask for?” (I said probably.)Well, it turns out, a lot.

We’ve always aspired to be much more than a collection of hyper-modern convenience stores. Over the past few months, we’ve been dead set on expanding our footprint to provide you with tangible experiences and opportunities that fall outside the purview of our retail capabilities. And what better way to kick start our expansive plan for world domination than by putting on one of this summer’s greatest concerts? So, we’re happy to announce our very first New Night.

We teamed up with New York’s coolest venue, Pioneer Works, to bring you just that: a kickass show, headlined by none other than the ethereal music of Blonde Redhead, opened by the sweet, sultry sound of BEACON, and followed up with a killer closing set, courtesy of Discwoman collaborator, Bearcat.

Doors open at 7PM on September 29th at Pioneer Works’ incredible Red Hook location. The spot is crazy easy to access via NYC Ferry’s South Brooklyn line, so allow us to posit a plan for you: get outta work that Friday, hit up one of the boats, grab a beer or a glass of wine on the way if that tickles your fancy, and enjoy the show! Does that sound like the perfect start to a weekend or what?

But wait, there’s one more thing!

New Stand Members get a preferential rate on tickets if they use the discount code featured in our app. Regular tickets range from $35 online to $40 at the door.

Use this code for Member price: NEWNIGHT

What are you waiting for? Get those tickets before we run out!

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