It’s matcha season, baby!

Sara Merg
Sara Merg
Jun 14 · 3 min read

There’s something special about matcha. It’s a little more exciting than a coffee, and just that much prettier than a cup of tea. Getting a coffee before work feels like that last-minute attempt to wake up in the morning. Starting off with a matcha feels like a treat. At New Stand, we’re obsessed with matcha–hot or iced, with almond milk or with lemonade. Luckily for us, our new 306 Bowery HQ is right in the middle of a matcha hub. Luckily for you, we’ve tried them all. This is our neighborhood matcha roundup.

Cha Cha Matcha

327 Lafayette St

Cha Cha Matcha is a well-established classic. Come for the sweet pink décor, stay for the matcha lemonade and good tunes. The Lafayette spot is Cha Cha Matcha’s newest location but it’s got the same killer look as its siblings in SoHo and NoMad. Cha Cha knows how to put matcha in everything from pastries to soft serve and they never miss. Have a seat, take a pic for your Instagram story, and enjoy your bev!

By Name

324 Bowery

By Name is the new kid on the block. The part-gallery part-café just opened in June and it’s already become a New Stand favorite. By Name’s got a serene vibe that makes it a perfect spot to stop by during your busy work day or just to cool off. Grab an iced matcha latte and one of the house-made bento boxes and take a look at the locally-sourced artwork.

Boba Guys

11 Waverly Place

Boba Guys is a cult classic– especially when it comes to matcha. The San Francisco-based bubble tea shop almost always has a line, but the staff is speedy and the drinks are absolutely worth the wait. If you want a fruity twist on the iced matcha, go for the strawberry matcha latte with tapioca pearls. Once you’ve got your drink, take a stroll through Washington Square Park. That might be peak human experience.

Think Coffee

1 Bleecker St

The reliable classic! Think’s real deal is their coffee, but their matcha is pretty dang good, too. The menu is standard café fare and their matcha is no different. There’s no special tricks here– you can get your matcha latte hot or iced only, but either way it’s consistently solid. Pair your drink with a sweet treat or a bagel and grab a spot at one of their outdoor tables for a mid-morning hang.


312 Bowery

If you’re looking for variety, MAMACHA is the spot. It bills itself as a CBD café, and to their credit, they deliver. Add a shot of CBD to any drink or stick with the regular menu. They’ve also got an impressive line-up of drinks with twelve different ways to get your matcha fix. We like a classic iced matcha latte but the lavender latte is truly otherworldly.

Whether you opt to go all out or stick to the standard stuff, the Bowery’s got your matcha cravings covered. Maybe we even inspired you to give a new spot a try. Either way, we hope to see you around the neighborhood!


Imagine your favorite bodega and blog had a baby; that's us. Half store, half app, we're all about new products, new ideas, and new people.

Sara Merg

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Sara Merg

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Imagine your favorite bodega and blog had a baby; that's us. Half store, half app, we're all about new products, new ideas, and new people.

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