We have fallen HARD for Arielle Casale ‘s psychedelic ’60s bridge party, ‘This Unicorn Party Don’t Stop’

The first of our Member Spotlights, we couldn’t have been happier to feature Fluxahedra’s retro-insanity

Our members are kind of the coolest, and it’s not surprising that many are artists and designers. In this week’s Member Spotlight, we are proud to present Arielle Casale, a self-confessed geometry nerd who makes amazing images for a living.
We caught up with Arielle just as she was wrapping a new project…

Arielle Casale just wanted to create coke lines made out of glitter, and no one was going to stand in her way. So now the world is lucky enough to have UNICORN PARTY — an exquisitely staged, iridescently extravagant, nostalgia-fueled acid trip through a ‘60s bridge party. And we freaking love it!

Tired of applying her multidisciplinary craft work to inoffensive commercial jobs, Arielle joined forces with photographer Jen Campbell, and together they captured the loveliest, rowdiest, still life scenes from a party we really wish we’d attended.

What we dig so much about this series is the way Arielle uses a swathe of lustrous props and glossy colors to paint the party’s progression — from the meticulously structured spread, to the drowsy death throes of a drug-fueled long night — soooo aggressively ethereal.

Each image feels so innocent on the surface, but ultimately masks this aura of cheeky, feminist rebellion. The furry jello cake, the wilted flowers, the glitter nose candy; this isn’t what our grandmas’ parties looked like…

…Though we definitely wish they had.

Make sure you check out the original, animated version of this series on Arielle’s website and Instagram. And while you’re at it, take a gander at all of her other work as well — it’s downright adorable.

This piece is part of our Member Spotlight interview series — a weekly feature that lets us highlight all the amazing stuff The New Stand Members are working on. Got something you’d like to showcase? Email us at hello@thenewstand.com