Today’s WIRED Store Hi5 — Izola Flasks!

We’ve got an amazing Hi5 for Members this week. If you buy any two of our Hi5 items, you get a free Dammit Doll, perfect for relieving those winter blues.

Dammit Dolls. Buy any two Hi5 items and get one of these guys for free.


Today, we’re showing off the stylish Izola Flask we’ll be carrying in a classy gold. Get surreptitiously boozy in the coolest way possible; it doesn’t matter if you fill it up with the finest of whiskeys or the cheapest of vodkas, you’ll still look cool AF drinking from it.


Take advantage of this fun deal down at all of our stores — but be sure to make an special trip our Brookfield Place location where you can experience the entire WIRED Store experience.


All week, from the 12th of December through to the 18th.

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