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Here’s how Hi5 and Points Work!

You already know that you get one point for every dollar you spend at the stores. Well, if you buy any of this week’s Hi5 products you’ll get 5x pointsfor every dollar you spend. That’s 5x the points!

And you know what’s really awesome?

When you reach 300 Points we turn those points into $10 to spend any way you like at any of the New Stand stores!

Nanda Clocky Alarm Clock (Also available in White)

Listen up, snooze button fiends! We all know waking up is the hardest part of the day and giving yourself “five more minutes” in bed is too damn easy. But then you realize you’re LATE and you regret everything. We feel your pain, but it’s time to put those days of self-hate in the past.

This R2D2-esque alarm clock will make sure you never oversleep again. How? Well, if you hit that godforsaken snooze button, Clocky will run away like mad. Beeping. LOUD. And it‘ll keep at it until you finally catch it.

No more walks of shame into the office!

LuMee Duo Case for iPhone 7/6s/6 (Also available in Rose)

Your on-the-go photography has never been this lit, literally. With studio-quality front and back facing lights, you’ve got double the glow, for selfies and for that portfolio.

LuMee Photo Stick (Also available in Black)

TBH this is the only Bluetooth selfie stick you‘ll ever need. Plus, we all know they’re actually low-key essential for travel. How else are you gonna fit all those Italian photobombers?

FCTRY Flapjacks Keyboard Cover (Also available in Chalk Flags, 1994, Donuts, Sharpie)

Don’t settle for the mundane. Express yourself! Whether you’re a donut fiend or an unapologetic fan of the Teletubbies, liven up that Mac keyboard.

Pinch Provisions Tech Kit

You’ve got 99 problems but a low charge ain’t one. As long as you’ve got this trusty pouch in your bag, tech emergencies got nothing on you.

Complete with ten essentials including a phone camera lens, screen cloth, and 3-in-1 charging cable, the squad will crown you Screen Queen in no time.