What a Perfect Time to Enjoy Irene Feleo’s Wonderful Illustration Series — ‘Body’

We’re back with another Member Spotlight, because our members are the friggin’ best and are always up to cool sh*t!
This week, we’re thrilled to feature the amazing illustrations of Irene Feleo, an Aussie native newly moved to Brooklyn. She may be fresh from the inhospitably wild outback of Sydney, but she’s hit the ground running and is catching up fast to New York’s crazy pace.
We got to talking about her latest illustration series, ‘Body’…

Irene Feleo has spent the past year taking a crash course on New York-style millennial anxiety.

“Everyone’s so busy all the time! I thought I was high-strung back in Sydney, but I moved here and was like, ‘Oh no, I’m at the bare minimum for this place.’”

And what a year to make it your first living in America.

With the United States having so recently decided to call a time out on this great social experiment we call democracy, it’s tough for an artist or creator to avoid politicizing their work.

Nonetheless, and somewhat as a result of this, ‘Body’ exists in a peaceful sort of bubble, one that lies tangent to fraught political discourse.

This lovely exploration of the female form is the result of months spent embracing life outside of her comfort zone — embracing a more minimal aesthetic, one that doesn’t have to be perfect.

“New York has made me explore the weirder and stranger aspects of my artwork. It’s forced me to experiment more. I was looking at classical Greek statues, drawing them for silhouettes, then wanted to expand on it. I wanted to create something abstract, a bit minimal, where I’m not beating myself up for not creating something perfect.”

Take a look at the rest of the series below and enjoy just a short moment blissfully apart from the week’s craziness:

You can and should check out the rest of Irene’s work here.

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