The food is worth the trek to Flushing

NaNa Kim
NaNa Kim
Jul 25, 2018 · 4 min read

I feel you. Staying tight with friends from other boroughs can a be a little tough, especially when they don’t work in the city. Even dating someone from another borough can feel like a long distance relationship. But this time, surprise your Queens homies by suggesting eating out in Flushing. They’ll be shook by your out-of-the-blue proposal and love you all the more for it. And they’ll be so impressed by your knowledge of Flushing food.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Image: IG @helentseng_

No-frills and noisy — just how a soup dumpling spot should be. If you don’t mind sacrificing comfort for taste, Nan Xiang is where to be. Approved by the locals and the likes of Eddie Huang, this is where you get the best soup dumplings in town.

Please don’t be a hooligan by popping the dumpling skin and letting all that prized soup go to waste. For optimum eating experience, take a little bite off the top of the dumpling, sip a little, spoon some of the ginger soy sauce into the dumpling, then eat in one go.

What to order: Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings, Stir Fried Udon, Scallion Pancakes, Rice Cake with Shredded Pork, Cucumber and Garlic

38–12 Prince St

Mister Hotpot

Image: Mister Hotpot

Hotpot is one of the most perfect meals in existence. You literally cook your favorite things in a bubbling pot of rich broth — there’s no way it can’t be delicious. This establishment takes it up a notch with their gourmet approach. With high quality ingredients and great service, you’ll feel like hotpot royalty dining here. Plus, they give you complimentary melon popsicles for dessert.

What to order: Creamy Pork Bone Soup, Japanese A4 Beef (or any meat recommended by your server)

133–42 39th Ave, Unit 2G

Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle

Image: Epoch Times

Located right across from the original Xi’an Famous Foods in an underground food court is the stall serving up even better noodle soup. When ordering, ask for the knife-cut or sliced noodles. With a thicker and chewier texture, they’re even better than the hand-pulled. Don’t forget to pile on the pickled veggies and hot chili oil, provided for unlimited use. If you’re super hangry, their juicy grilled skewers are also a must-try.

What to order: Beef Noodles; Skewers — Squid, Chicken gizzards

41–28 Main St, Located inside Golden Shopping Mall

LaoMa MaLaTang

Image: Yelp

If you’re going to have your first dry hotpot experience, make it here. Your first time ordering malatang can be a bit daunting because it can get really busy, but it’ll be worth it.

Unlike Málà Project (equally delicious) in the East Village, the portions here are more than enough to split between two people. Just tell the lady what spice level you want and customize your huge meal from the array of ingredients spread out buffet style. Wait a couple minutes and say hello to your giant steaming bowl of numbing spice heaven.

136–20 Roosevelt Ave, Located inside New World Mall Food Court

New Flushing Bakery

Image: Cultural Xplorer

Quite possibly the best egg tarts in all five boroughs. That is all.

What to order: Portuguese, Hong Kong style

135–45 Roosevelt Ave

Prince Tea House

Image: Foursquare

Wash down the fruits of food-hopping with some hot tea. As you can tell from the name, the menu here is dedicated to tea. If you still have the munchies, get desserts for the whole table, and the Taiwanese popcorn chicken too.

What to order: Jasmine Green Milk Tea, Salted Crispy Chicken

36–39 Prince St


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Imagine your favorite bodega and blog had a baby; that's us. Half store, half app, we're all about new products, new ideas, and new people.

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