Who Wants to Win Free Tickets to OctFest?

We’ve got too many tickets, so we’re having a lil’ beer-themed Instagram giveaway

Attention all beer and music lovers (a.k.a. everyone ever): Are you looking for the laziest excuse to have a beer? Have you heard of OctFest? Do you want free tickets for it?

If the answer to all of those is “OH F*CK YES!”… you may have a problem. If instead it’s “Damn, that sounds lovely, I would love free tickets for an event at which I can drink responsibly, and will happily enjoy a single beer to get me in the running.” Then do we have good news for you!

We’ve been in-talks with our friends over at Pitchfork and their beer-centric publication, October about the upcoming second best event of September (first best is New Night, remember?) — OctFest! If you’ve sadly been left out of the know, OctFest is a brand new kind of beer and music festival, aiming to bring together beer aficionados of all kinds and creeds, amateurs and experts alike, around a day of killer music. And all you have to do in order to score some free tickets, is enter our absurdly simple Instagram contest.

The rules are simple: starting today and going through Memorial Day, post a selfie or a boomerang video of yourself enjoying one beer of your choice to your Instagram. Tag our handle @thenewstand in the caption of your pic, and a friend or two you’d like to bring — we’re giving up to three free tickets per winner. We’ll then announce the lucky winners on Tuesday.

As for how you can improve your odds of success: points (metaphorical ones) will be awarded for picture and caption creativity, and demonstration of your mature enthusiasm for beer, in particular beer originating from one of the many brewers in attendance at OctFest.

Let the games begin!

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