Your Daily Lowdown

We remember the legend Gene Wilder, celebrate the first ever good perfume commercial, and have a little laugh at Facebook’s AI misfortune.

We can’t exactly prove that 2016 has been the worst year in recorded history— it’s certainly the hottest — but yesterday, everyone who’s ever had a childhood lost someone very dear to them. Whether or not you’ve had the pleasure of watching Gene Wilder grace the screen as Willy Wonka, Leo Bloom, or my personal favorite, Young Frankenstein, the world of comedy has been forever shaped by this incredibly funny, somewhat reclusive, human being.

So, don’t mourn the passing of this seminal figure, laugh at his many, many, riotous personas. And seriously, if you haven’t seen Young Frankenstein, leave work right now and do so.

Now, onward and upwards! You know how every perfume commercial is kinda stupid? Well, we’ve got some great news: Spike Jonze has had enough and has taken matters into his own hands. The ad he came up with for Kenzo’s new line is as bold, and awesome, as it gets. Enjoy:

And finally, your little bit of corporate gossip to share at the water cooler, or if you work at a startup — ping pong table / microbrewery — don’t ask. Remember how Facebook caught just a little bit of heat a few months ago for allegedly showing anti-conservative bias in its Trending Topics section? (Prepare your “reality has a liberal bias” quote now.) Well on Friday, the social media platform thought it found the perfect solution for perfectly unbiased reporting — they got rid of all the humans curating the Trending section and replaced them with an algorithm. Excellent solution, right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong.

It turns out you need to exercise a modicum of editorial judgement when it comes to putting the days’ most important topics together. Looks like the robots aren’t taking over just yet.

Plus, would an algorithm include a GIF of a dog getting ice cream in a roundup like this? I don’t think so.

Humans: 1, Robots: 0.

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