#TheNewWorker Webinar on Artificial Intelligence & Robots

In the context of job-unemployment and the automation of work, Hayk Hakobyan, a specialist on Artificial Intelligence and Robots, and Arnold Beekes, the co-founder of TheNewABC, had a dialog over TheNewWorker webinar on AI and robotisation on Saturday 28th November at 10:30 AM CET.

It does help us to understand what Artificial Intelligence and Robotisation are, what is happening in the next year, and especially what it means for individual workers. What is the impact on jobs, the workplace, and working practices?

Big thanks to our participants: Amaury Callens and Bouchra Anasi and their large group of students in Tangiers, Morrocco, and Mukesh Gupta.

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More and more people are competing for less jobs. How are you differentiating yourself? We support workers to make the shift from being (dependent) employees towards leading their own life and work.
In this context, it is crucial to be aware of what is happening in the world, so you can anticipate and take action.
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Arnold & Rotana, TheNewABC co-founders
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