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The Left Jab #3

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It is Black History Month. It is now. We are now. We are in the next 100.

For some reason, during this month though my thoughts have always been on Black history, and things I have experienced as an African American, I still think of the world. All humans. All of us.

I still drift into thoughts of America, the only country I have known. It is where I live and where I was born and raised. I still don’t know what that means mostly. Black History Month, I think, is a window into discovering more of that. It always has been.

So, this month, the stories at THE NEXT 100 continue to look forward by looking back and look back by looking forward. Enjoy the flavor of what we have given you the last two weeks. Our Top Five, in no particular order —

My Love For Black Women School Teachers

The Lincoln Memorial Dedication

Neil Young and Boycotts

Letter to Dr. Mae C. Jemison

When “Jim Crow” Got Blown Out on the Basketball Court

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