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This is an email from The Left Jab, a newsletter by thenext100.

The Left Jab #5

War is the answer according to some

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

The NEXT100 continues to churn out the stories and most of them are the truth of the world as we now find it. War, domination, and nasty geopolitics. Human beings still think hatred will save our species. And, of course, the weapons of war. None of that will.

The Next100 pledges to continue to try to inform and change the discourse. We will continue to write from our vantage point honestly and quickly. Hope you enjoy #5 of The Left Jab, our official newsletter. Spread the word.

“Power to the People”

“Men As Leaders Of The Planet?”

“Lynching Is Finally A Federal Hate Crime”

“Notes On Brittney Griner’s Captivity”

“Don’t Forget Dr. Zhivago”



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