One in the same

Ever look at two people and could just swear they‘re siblings? Even though they look different they just act so so much alike… Welcome to Brazil and America, I know I have said in the past that they are completely separate and different worlds, but its been about 6 weeks and yeah its like looking in a mirror at this point. It reminds me of how me and my brother can argue about something even though we have the same overall opinion on it. Not to say Brazil and America fight each other but more so that they both have a fiery patriotic spirit about them.

So my first impression of everything is omg I’m in Brazil this is impossible everything is sooo cool and different. This is so cool which it is, but now ha ha, its strikingly similar. There is a few noticeable things I recognized at first. Things like the furniture being the same, the malls being similar to typical English malls, and the apartment buildings are like what you would find in a large city. More and more things just began to feel familiar.

It wasn’t just my surroundings though it was the people too. They treated me great and wonderful and were always so interested to hear what I would do back home. Then I remembered all our foreign exchange students and realized I was the foreign exchange student in this position. So if we happen to have a foreign exchange student come to our school next year I might be a bit more understanding of their situation.

Don’t even start with soccer here either. Brazilians love soccer just as much as Americans love football if not more. You know when the football game comes on and everyone in the room seems to divert all attention to the screen and go insane when their team makes a touchdown. Yeah Brazil scoring a goal means that an entire city turns into a cheering crowd with people shouting form their balconies and make as much noise as physically possible which means fireworks. It’s as I was watching this whole scene fold out that I just started laughing and thought wow I’m still in America.

By far this is just a small list of the similarities. Brazil and America may not be presented the same across the world, but in my honest opinion these two giant masses are just long lost siblings. Now I haven’t got much time left here but I can’t find my self anxious to go back home or upset that I have to leave Brazil. I think it’s because I don’t really recognize this as a foreign country anymore, instead it’s more like a second home. Honestly I think I might just have to come back here again in a few years. But since I got two and a half more weeks here I think I’m just going to kick back, work hard, and enjoy life with this whole new set of family and friends I have. I’m going to miss Brazil but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to come here because I feel it’s shaping me into a better person.