What is THENODE?

Foundation THENODE
Sep 17 · 2 min read

1. THENODE introduction

THENODE ​​is the 4th generation masternode mining coin that combines the advantages of the existing PoW, PoS, MPoS mining method.

THENODE improves the problems of the existing mining method by combining Ethereum chain and Masternode chain which have the advantage of platform scalability using smart contract.


THENODE uses Masternode Coin for coin staking/mining in the network, while ERC-20 token is fully synchronized with Masternode Coin for listing/trading. By adopting this dual Core system, THENODE is born as a hybrid master node coin that can take advantage of both the Ethereum token and the Master node coin.

3. Mining and utilizing THENODE Coin

THENODE Network Participant can deploy 1 node for every 10,000 coins deposited, and each node holder will receive coins mined every day in proportion to the number of nodes held.

THENODE holders can earn money through the rewarded THENODE Coin or purchase products and services from partner companies affiliated with THENODE Foundation.

THENODE Coin Holder can also participate in corporate incubation investments in blockchain games, renewable energy, and the beauty industry.

4. Main schedule

THENODE has completed the pre-development work. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

~ 22.9.2019 : Node deployment phase 1
23.9.2019 ~ 6.10.2019 : Node deployment phase 2
2019 Mid-October ~: Listed on the exchange, mined and started trading

5. Web Sites

THENODE Official Website: https://the-node.foundation/

THENODE Explorer: http://explorer.the-node.foundation/


Innovative Mining 4.0 — Ethereum + Masternode

Foundation THENODE

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Innovative Mining 4.0 — Ethereum + Masternode

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