It’s YOU vs YOU

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop feeding your mind with energy that will disable you, rather than propel you to do what you want to do with a true understanding of why you want to do it. We are all wonderfully unique, special and beautiful in our own way. I believe that collectively, we can all learn from one another in some respect. Sometimes, one conversation or one event can change your whole perspective on life, it can change your entire mindset, it can literally change the direction of your life. For me, this is invaluable and it is why I feel so strongly towards remaining integral because staying true to yourself and others is tremendously important for all of us to continue to grow, develop and prosper.

Now, there’s a distinction that I would like to make here because I think there is a fine line between comparing yourself to others and actively digesting other peoples’ experiences so we can learn from them. It depends on your perspective.

What success looks like to you, will inevitably be very different to how others view success. Success is subjective. Success is defined by you, and ONLY you. So, do you see how comparing yourself to others is useless because it’s only YOU vs YOU. Focus on yourself, build a tunnel in your mind where all you see is yourself, your successes and what you want to do with your life.

This is your life, you have the ability to shape it how you wish and if you are comparing yourself to others and constantly thinking of how you can do better than the next person or how you can achieve more than them or be more successful than them, you will not die fulfilled because you filled your life with someone else’s definition of success.

The key message I want to you take from this, is that we are all different and your definition of success is different to mine. I want you to think about how many times you let the noise impact your judgement and next time you find it getting louder and louder in your head, tell it where to go because it’s YOU vs YOU.

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