From Problem to Production

Legal Tech Product Development Bootcamp: June 26–27 at Brooklyn Law School

For the first time in the legal industry, an event just about building software!

Basically, we’ll teach you that Idea + Money = Successful App. Workshop complete.

Ok, we’ll actually spend more time teaching you how to do things the right way, where Deep Understanding of a Problem + Careful Design = Value to Intended Users = Success.

What will you learn?

The bootcamp will be a nuts and bolts introduction to developing digital products for legal industry professionals. We’ll target the bootcamp to the group’s level of experience, whether your legal aid organization already has a problem it’s trying to solve, or your law firm is new to tech and has no idea how to begin. Problem statements will be created based on the attendee list and will be used to take you through a sample product development cycle.

Here is the tentative agenda for the event:

Day 1

I. Intro

  • What makes a “good” product
  • Product/Market fit
  • Product Development lifecycle
  • Product development models 101 (Design Thinking + Agile + Lean)
  • Introduce problem set

II. Understanding the problems/User


  • Why do we talk to people?
  • Quantitative v. Qualitative research
  • How to interview to gain insights
  • How to define who you should be talking to
  • Where to find the people to talk to?
  • Online recruitment tools


  • Interview users


  • Synthesis
  • Point of View statements
  • User personas


  • Synthesis
  • Create a user persona
  • Create POV Statement

III. Designing the Solution


  • Journey Mapping


  • Group Journey mapping


  • Ideation


  • Individual ideation sketching on solutions
  • Group voting
  • Coalescence around a solution

Day 2

IV. Wireframing, Prototyping, UX/UI**


  • Defining the critical path


  • Critical path creation/sketching


  • Wireframing tools/methods
  • Validation
  • UX & UI design basics
  • Research methodologies and execution

**During day two, one of our UX designers will be live prototyping one of the product ideas so you can see a project move from idea to execution!

V. Agile Project Management


  • Who is on a scrum team? Why?
  • Creating roadmaps and releases
  • Setting metrics/OKRs
  • Scrum/Sprint cycle
  • User Story/User Acceptance Testing writing
  • Estimation
  • Defining your Minimum Viable Product
  • Quality Assurance, including accessibility

VI. Office Hours

No formal program! Our team of designers, engineers, QA professionals, project managers, product managers and strategists will all be available to answer any and all specific questions you may have about product development.

We’ll also send you home with a handy workbook of reference material and sample worksheets to guide your future work.

Why are we doing this?

Our company’s mission is to advance the legal industry through smart design and seamless digital experiences. This means that if you’re involved at the intersection of the legal space and technology, we want to show you what good product development looks like and how great design can help you exceed your goals.

It’s easy to build a bad application. It’s hard to build a good one. So join us on June 26–27 at the Brooklyn Law School and let us share what we’ve learned.

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