What is Theory Society

This organisation was started with a single goal, to change the way knowledge is communicated between academics and practitioners. Let’s be honest with ourselves, our research papers are complex to an average reader, and once they are published, they are kept behind paywalls. If we are lucky, a few thousand people will read it fully. For the rest of us, our research will simply be buried somewhere within the world’s vast knowledge heap.

Theory Society hopes to change that. We want to provide every researcher a vibrant environment to share their findings, where practitioners can easily understand and put to use. You might currently have a blog that does such a thing. That’s cool, but we’re thinking of something different, something bigger. Imagine having access to a data visualisation chart that helps you to know exactly which branch of knowledge you are contributing to, who else is doing work in a similar area, and what’s new within your area of work. You can also easily see how industry knowledge from practitioners is advancing as it has its own visualisation chart. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about marketing your personal blog content as we’re doing the hard work for you — getting audience for your post.

At Theory Society, we believe that the world should be the judge of our research, and not just fellow academics alone. Creating and refining new and useful knowledge involves the world to be in one conversation, not in two separate conversations (as per how most practitioners and academics are right now). We are a new, but growing society and we have a single focus — to bridge the gap between academia and industry and hopefully one day, change the way academics are assessed by educational institutions. We are currently testing this out within the social sciences space and are highly selective in our invitations. If you are interested to join our community, let us know! We are trying to keep the community small for a start to maintain a high quality of content and interaction.

Finally, all rights of the content you produce belong to you, the author. If you feel strongly for our mission and feel that someone you know might be interested as well, refer them to us, and we’ll invite them to join the community.

We can’t wait to change the world of research with you.