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Official THEOS IDO Results

We are over the moon to announce that THEOS’ IDO performance on OccamRazer has exceeded all expectations! In less than 30 minutes, we broke-through the soft-cap, and it took us less than 150 minutes until we met our hard-cap!

Exactly 39.000.000 $THEOS tokens were offered for the total amount of 102.57 ETH, achieving the highest mass of participants in any OccamRazer IDO— 448 users.

Reaching the hard-cap was a milestone moment for the THEOS team, and we are humbled at the immense amount of interest demonstrated in the project. Our motivation remains at the very top, and we continue to pursue the path in delivering a next-generation community-governed NFT liquidity platform.

THEOS IDO tokens will be claimable on September 2nd, 16:10:00 UTC. At the same time we will fund a liquidity pool and list on secondary DEX Uniswap for those that could not participate on the IDO.

CED Rewards

With our IDO, we wanted to do something special for both our community and Occam’s, and thank both for the support. We have assigned 200,000 USD worth of $THEOS tokens — roughly 24,000,000 $THEOS. Half will be claimable two weeks after the end of our IDO, while the other half will be unlocked five months after the IDO ends — more details will be made available closer to the release date.

Beware of scams

We would like to remind you that — with the $THEOS token now live — new scamming practices may appear. Please be cautious and follow our social media channels for official updates regarding the IDO and token. You can contact our community admins on Telegram and Discord with any doubts, but please take note that THEOS team members will never message first on any platform.

About THEOS: The THEOS ecosystem is managed and sustained by our Association, a team of both traditional finance and blockchain virtuosos. We envision a new way of thinking, minting and trading NFTs, and have developed what we believe is going to become the next-generation community-governed NFT platform. THEOS will be one of the first NFT platforms in Cardano, the blockchain with the highest potential out there.

Follow our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news:



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