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THEOS and Blockchain Cuties Collaborate to Form New Strategic Partnership

The Association is collaborating with some of the most outstanding actors in the scene to expand its horizons and bring innovative NFT ideas to the forefront. The more we can extend our reach and enhance our platform, the better and stronger the NFT space will become.

THEOS is delighted to officially announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Blockchain Cuties; a multi-chain adventure collectible digital card game, where users can play games with various cartoon animals and creatures called “Cuties,” such as cats, puppies, and lizards.

On an initial stage of our partnership agreement, Blockchain Cuties will be developing a unique THEOS cutie character. From THEOS’ side, we will create an ODYSSEY NFTIZE pool of different cuties on our platform. We’re looking to bring a special twist to NFTs with these creatures.

On the Blockchain Cuties platform, every cutie character represents a highly artistic and visual NFT that users can collect and trade, all while maintaining complete ownership of their assets. Users can even put their Cuties to the test by making them fight one another and elevating them through the platform’s ranks. There’s also a marketplace where users can trade their cuties across several blockchains — it’s extremely colorful, intuitive, and interactive to navigate through.

Community members are passionate and extremely active, helping contribute to the platform by recommending new game ideas and potential new NFT characters through voting. Various leaderboards exist where users can view rankings of the top collectors, sellers, referrals, achievers, experienced players, and more. Everyone can compete against one another to elevate themselves to further their community involvement.

Alex Tai, President of the Association said:

“This partnership will mark the beginning of a great relationship. Leveraging the creative concept and use-case of the Blockchain Cuties ecosystem is the perfect start to enhancing both of our platforms, while also bringing increased liquidity to these NFT characters. We’re going to bring a fresh perspective to NFTs everywhere, and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration together.”

Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties, said:

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with THEOS on broadening the horizon for the future of NFTs. Tapping into their liquidity will help broaden our ecosystem and incentivize more community members to get involved and collect cuties. Furthermore, we’re thrilled to be able to design a unique cutie for THEOS and bring more exposure to our platform. All in all, the future looks bright, and we can’t wait to continue working alongside one another.”

About Blockchain Cuties

The Blockchain Cuties game lets you take your very own “Cutie” NFT animal and creature characters on unique digital adventures. The platform leverages cross-chain mechanisms to allow for quick and efficient transactions in addition to gameplay on multiple popular blockchains. They’ve created a wide variety of different character species, types, and levels to further enhance the application and use-case for their playable NFT characters. Blockchain Cuties has set the stage for the next frontier of NFT collectible characters.

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The THEOS ecosystem is managed and sustained by our Association, a team of both traditional finance and blockchain virtuosos. We envision a new way of thinking, minting, and trading NFTs, and have developed what we believe is going to become the next-generation community-governed NFT platform. THEOS will become the first NFT platform in Cardano, the blockchain with the highest potential out there.

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